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This week, George Pig’s greatest fan [Hero, he wants you to know that] opened a box of the newest Wonderful Wooden World of Peppa Pig toys and got busy. During lockdown we decided to recreate Grandpa Pig’s Vegetable Garden, just like we see on the Dinosaur Ride at Paulton’s Park every year, in our back garden and so he wanted to have his photographs taken next to the juicy tomatoes and sunflowers. We know Grandpa Pig would be proud. So here they are, Peppa’s World of Wooden Toys.

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Peppa's Wonderful World of Wooden Toys Family House and Car
The Wonderful World of Peppa Pig Toys arrive in our home

The Wonderful Wooden World of Peppa Pig toys are the newest in the Peppa and friends range from Character World and honestly, they make a refreshing change from the many loved plastic peppa pig toys we’ve collected over the past 8 years – and I wish they’d have thought of this when Jensen was a toddler because I’m sure by now I’d have a gorgeous collection of Peppa’s World of Wooden Toys in their bedroom by now.

Drop and Play Peppa Pig from their Wonderful Wooden World

We were sent the Peppa Pig Family House and the Peppa Pig Family Car. Each set comes with Peppa Pig, and there are other sets available like the schoolhouse with Madame Gazelle, and the holiday airplane.

Peppa Pig Wooden House

The exterior of Peppa Pig's House
Peppa’s Wooden World of Toys in our own Grandpa Pig’s Vegetable Garden

The Peppa Pig Wooden Family House retails at around £30 and comes with a Peppa wooden figure, and furniture for the house. There’s a two-seater sofa and TV, bath, oven, fridge, and table, and beds for Peppa and George complete with their dinosaur and flowered pattern bedspreads [although no George comes with the house].

Peppa pig wooden house contents
Everything that comes with the Peppa Pig Wooden House
Inside of Peppa Pig Wooden House
Two Peppas in one wooden bathtub. Hero was pleased.

The house is beautifully painted as a replica from the TV series and the door even appears on the side of the house. When the front of the house flips down to reveal the inside of the house, a garden [not as magnificent as Grandpa Pig’s or ours] appears too.

PLaying with peppa's wooden toys
The Peppa Twins in their Wooden Family Home from Character World

The Peppa Pig wooden figure is able to be stood more easily than a normal wooden piece as there’s a ‘drop n play’ foot piece – a round black rubber base – which means they can be easily slotted into the wooden vehicles and playsets.

What we loved very much was that everything can be stored in the house – and done up with a button and elastic catch. Everything is perfect for little people – and suitable from ages 2 upwards – and from my own point of view, much less painful when you stand on [and also much less breakable] than the plastic figures we have who are now missing an arm or two…

PLaying with the wonderful wooden world of peppa pig

All of the Wonderful Wooden World of Peppa Pig toys are made from environmentally responsible FSC Wood.

Peppa Pig Red Family Car

Peppa Pig Wooden Family Car

Possibly the most famous car in our house next to Lightning McQueen, a trip to Paulton’s Park is never complete without us first running as fast as we can [we’re shameless] to Grandad Dog’s Cars. Daddy Pig’s Wooden Car is superb. Hero was over the moon to have his own red car to pop characters into since the last plastic Peppa car he had featured the characters already fixed and immovable in their seats. This one has spaces for four Piggies or their friends and features the same drop and play system. Peppa comes along with this car but you can buy the rest of the family separately.

Our Only Criticism of Peppa’s Wooden Toys

Our only criticism of this toy is that if you’d invested in the car or family house that we’ve been sent, there’s no interactive play with friends unless additional purchases of extra figures are made. As a parent this is something that really grates on me and I’m more likely to buy more toys from a collection if I don’t feel like every penny is being wrung out of me. From a personal point of view, the family home should have featured Daddy Pig, Mommy Pig and George Pig along with Peppa – and the family car, at a cheaper price point, should have included Daddy Pig as Peppa has never, obviously, been seen driving the car illegally. That aside, the packaging was recyclable and minimal, and the toys are just gorgeous. Hero has his eyes on Grandpa Pig’s train next…

Wooden Peppa Pig Toys
Our current wooden Peppa Pig Toy Collection

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