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All of our boys love to dance – just like me!  Thankfully they seem to have the ‘got rhythm’ gene and not the ‘oblivious-to-the-beat’ one.  They’ll leap from the sofa to dance whenever they can – theme tunes, adverts – it’s all good.  Yotie is the most enthusiastic of the three – posing, twirling, even trying breakdancing now, and so we were asked to review the new Kazoops music album, Kazoops: Just Imagine.  The album went on worldwide release from Cheeky Monkey Media on October 28th and contains 20 songs, including my favourite; The Dinosaurus Games.  I’m singing it in my head right now.

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We’ve been fans of Kazoops since they very first launched here in July this year, watching Monty and the oh-so-cute Jimmy Jones solve everyday problems like whether you can have more than one best friend, and why our socks have to match [they don’t in our house].  The songs in each episode are catchy and have the most well thought out lyrics ever.  We’re huge fans.  Each episode features a “Just Imagine” part with a song, and the album is made up of 20 of these, like The Rain Song, Celebrate and others that we know very well and love.  The Kazoops: Just Imagine songs are light, cheerful and feature quite a few instruments that little ones won’t be familiar with, like ukuleles and glockenspiels.  Jensen loves trying to guess which ones feature each time.  He’s better than me at guessing – but then he’s learning to play the ukulele at school and so he has a head start on me.

The boys couldn’t decide which ones they loved the most, and broke out into song each time I suggested one, but you can listen to my favourite below by clicking the button, and join me in the Dinosaurus Games.

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