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ticket to ride europe board game asmodee

If you remember, a couple of months ago, we reviewed the Ticket to Ride First Journey Board Game for the Blogger Board Game Club.  This time we’re playing with the Ticket to Ride: Europe game instead.  It’s a grown-up version of the First Journey Game, with a few differences.

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ticket to ride europe board game asmodee

Inside the box are:

  • 1 Game Board Map with European train routes
  • 225 Coloured Plastic Train Cars
  • 15 Plastic Stations
  • 158 Illustrated Cards
  • 5 Wooden Scoring Counters
  • 1 Rules Book

ticket to ride europe board game asmodee


The aim of Ticket to Ride is to complete as many secret train tickets, detailing routes [eg Barcelona to Brindisi] across the map of Europe. This is done by being dealt said secret tickets, and then collecting the appropriate coloured train cards in the amount needed to make each connection and laying them before your opponent realises and tries to sabotage your attempts.  There are various coloured cards and rainbow cards which are “Locomotive” cards and special – these can be used as any colour and on specially designated locomotive places on the board.    Points are scored for the amount of carriages laid on any given turn and at the end of the game for any train tickets which have been completed.  You conversely lose points for those tickets which you’ve not completed.


The competitive nature of the game – trying not to let on where you’re planning to go is quite hilarious.  It’s also brilliant fun trying to work out which tickets your opponent has in order to try and block them or make life difficult for them.

It’s a strategic game in that you need a plan [everyone loves a plan] to connect your far-flung cities to gain the points from the big ticket – and tactical in that when things go wrong, you need to be able to change your plans swiftly as your plans become scuppered by your opponent.

ticket to ride europe board game asmodee Ticket to Ride: Europe

The rules for Ticket to Ride: Europe are simple, but there’s so much to think about and juggle in your mind.  It’s a game that can be learned within a few minutes and nearly everyone in the family can play with a little encouragement.  You can be as competitive as you like – it’s not a game which is directly competitive by nature – you can choose to be kind and not hinder each other, or if you’re like me and Gav, you can wage all-out railroad war.

ticket to ride europe board game asmodee

The coveted LOCOMOTIVE cards….

ticket to ride europe board game asmodee

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