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I love a good pegboard. When it comes to celebrating, we say it with pegboards in this family. And now it’s getting close to Christmas, I was mesmerised when I saw Lite Brite on TV. Basic Fun, the people behind Lite Brite, sent us the Lite Brite Classic set to try out and see what we think. Here’s what was in the box, minus the little art guides to show you what to make, which have mysteriously disappeared somewhere. In fact, I’ll tell you. Hero has them. He wants to be the first one to do each design. You can see them on the box here though, there are 6 of them.

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So what’s in the box? There’s the Lite Brite Board, 6 templates with the pre-designed patterns on, and over 200 pegs. The pegs are blue, green, orange, pink, yellow and white. The Ultimate Classic Set, which we have, is around £20 to buy.

Inside the Lite Brite Box – pegs, board and design templates.


The idea behind Lite Brite is to combine peg art with lights. Now the Winter evenings are drawing in [get me and my wintery words], all things twinkly appeal to me. These little pegs can blink, pulse, glow steadily and also go rogue on random setting. I feel many messages from elves coming on across this board. Sure, there are pre-designed patterns for you [we’ll call them training ideas, haha] but there’s nothing like creating something unique. Here’s Swift Wind from She Raa, apparently. This is one of the main designs from the box. It’s on black paper which has the initials of each colour to indicate where to put each coloured peg.

Swift Wind Unicorn Design on Lite Brite


If my three weren’t car sick like me any time they stopped looking out of the window, and if we weren’t in lockdown 2, this would be an amazing toy for travelling with.

Nearly all the pegs in the Lite Brite Kit! 206 in total, but you can buy more.

Lite Brite is the perfect rainy day toy. The pegs slot into the felty background of the board easily and don’t fall out, and there’s a little stand at the back of the board which makes it easy to display your creations like a photograph frame. It’s adorable, beautifully retro and I’m very glad we have it.

All the pegs, lit up on Lite Brite, ready for some action

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