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I am beyond excited today to be hosting what is, to me, the most fantastic prize I can give to anyone.  The gift of knowledge.

If it wasn’t for two very talented, highly patient, just completely lovely tutors in my life, way across the pond in the USA, I would still have my camera in automatic and still be complaining every time I missed a shot that my camera was useless.  I did that a lot [poor husband].

Since meeting these fantastic ladies, two years ago, my inbox has been filled with compliments and questions about my camera – and I say the same thing to everyone that asks.  I have fantastic teachers who inspire me and encourage me to reach out and explore.  To enjoy the journey of what I desperately want to be able to do – and that’s to beautifully capture my family’s memories and keep them safe.

Today – and I’m practically squealing typing this, because I know so many people who would LOVE this chance – we are opening up a giveaway for a year’s membership to Clickin’ Moms!

So who are Clickin’ Moms?  I used to wonder myself when I saw my tutors hash tagging their captures on Instagram with this mysterious label.  My husband refers to them as the Momarazzi Magic Circle, although he knows how completely in awe I am of the talent showcased within the group.

There are over 16,000 photographers within the Clicking Moms community – all passionate about capturing their lives, their clients, families, and their world more beautifully.  It’s an online home for networking, developing technical knowledge and growing as an artist – whilst at the same time providing support and friendship.  They strive to empower all of us as photographers and to ensure that photography education and mentoring is more accessible, supportive and encouraging.  I had to pull myself away from the site after reading for about five hours into the small hours.  It’s full of amazing women.  Truly talented individuals who want to share with other women, other moms just like you!

This is no usual giveaway though – from now until 24th February, you can subscribe to Clickin’ Moms for 20% less than the full price with our code KEEPUP20 – but what’s even better is…

  • If YOU are the winner of the giveaway, Clickin Moms will refund you
  • If you are not the winner, and do not enjoy Clickin Moms, they will refund you up to 30 days from your joining date.  It’s impossible not to benefit!

Come and join us – and as it’s Tuesday, share the photos you’re proud of this week!


Disclosure – I was gifted a year subscription in return for offering my readers the chance to win one, and a 20% discount code, too!

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  1. This seems like a really great and supportive community. I've actually never heard of them before, but I'll have to bookmark it for if I ever become a mom. Maybe in another 5 years I can join 😉

  2. My Grandmother with my son. She died while we are here. Werent able to say goodbye to her and if I can I would want my son to have a photo with her. If I can.

  3. I have been umping and ahhing about joining Clickin' Moms and this could be just the incentive I need. Jx

  4. Clickin Moms sounds like a nice community to be part of. I'm sure moms who are also photo enthusiasts will learn a lot from this community. It's always fun to learn from others who share your passion.

  5. I have never heard of Click Moms. I am just learning how how to take photos and this sounds like a great community. I can't believe there are over 16,000 members.

  6. I've never heard of Clickin Moms before but the way you describe it makes it sound like a great group of people. It's nice to see so many people who have a passion for taking beautiful pictures!

  7. I have never heard about it also, but it is such a great community. Everything in order to keep the mutual artistic energy flowing!

  8. 16,000+ members is an impressive number for a photography community. I think it's a great opportunity for a someone looking to stretch and grow. I'll keep it in mind for the coming months.

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