Valentine Birthday Pancakes

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This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser ASDA.  All opinions are my own alone.
St. Valentine’s day can be looked at in two ways in the Jones household.  Either way, we’re celebrating love.  

The true reason behind St. Valentine’s day isn’t strictly recognised in our family until the weekend following the 14th.  You see, throughout both Valentine’s day 2010 and Valentine’s day 2012, I’ve been in labour.  
Our first born, Jensen Indiana, arrived shortly after the clock ticked into February 15th, and next came our now middle child, Lyoto Elvis [Romeo – because of his birthday] on Valentine’s day evening two years later at a very speedy pace.  In case you’re wondering, Hero shares his birthday with Tom Cruise and Thomas Gibson – just missing 4th July by a couple of hours!
Instead of gooey chocolates and fragrant flowers, we’re sugar-frosted birthday cakes and sorbet coloured heart balloons.
On Sunday morning, we sent Dadda to the kitchen, apron on, to create our birthday pancake dream.  The mister and I have very different parental tool-belts.  I am happiest making things pretty – and he’s happiest making the things I make pretty.  If I’d made these pancakes, it would have been probably impossible to make them pretty, if you know what I mean…  At this point, miles away, my parents are nodding.
If you do like creating in the kitchen, here’s our recipe…and if you’re wondering how I personally make pancakes, there are two ways.  The first means I call on a lovely lady called Aunt Jemima who helps me and the second is the way that my husband shakes his head at.  The “eyeballing” recipe.  I throw everything in and stir until I think it seems right.  So now you know why he’s the chef.
Last night, Dadda had no idea what he was in for as Baby Hero and I sat tip-tapping away at the laptop ordering our supplies from our local hypermarket ASDA.  I always rely on them for two things – they will bring me my groceries when it’s raining, and if they aren’t cheaper overall, I get the difference with my price guarantee.  I also have a delivery pass and so it saves my petrol and delivery costs too.
Our creation for the boys’ birthday breakfast were Valentine Birthday Pancakes.  They were hands-down the most delicious pancakes that we have created and we’re quite proud of them.  
Every birthday should have confetti through and through – sprinkles, ice cream and candy floss.  No matter if it’s 10am or 10pm.  Everyone should enjoy pancakes like these.  Stack them up, pour some milk into a little bottle and sip it with a pretty straw.  It’s what birthdays are all about.

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  1. I love that candle holder, I've never seen one like it! Everyone here had pancakes tonight except me because I've got my slimming world weigh in on Wednesday and I wanted to be good but I'm craving them and these photos of the gorgeous looking pancakes is not helping my craving! :oD

  2. These look so pretty! We adore pancakes in this house and usually have them with bacon and maple syrup. But for an occasion these look stunning – and yes everybody needs some confetti in their lives!

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