American Pancakes!

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If you’re English, chances are that the word PANCAKE only rears its head once a year, on “Pancake Day” (Shrove Tuesday).  Why this is I’m not quite sure but what I DO remember as a child was us all agreeing on each and every Pancake Day as we sat around the dinner table, waiting to see if Dad would flip the pancake or stick it to the ceiling, that we should eat them more often throughout the year, and then not.  So sad.  Pancakes are delicious.

Having discovered the fluffy, buttermilk laiden delight that is an American pancake whilst in Walt Disney World, I have now firmly and obnoxiously turned my back on my own kind and elected to learn the art of the stack.

So, in pursuit of the completion of my Autumn Manifesto, and because I wanted to eat them so badly, this weekend I made from scratch, my own American beauties.  Whilst Gav sipped his new favourite tea (note the mug), I flipped soft golden (slightly burned) pancakes and proffered them to my family.

Pancakes and berries.  The Summer is over, soon the sweet berries will be gone and so we’re eating them as often as we can.

Baby Dragon enjoyed the pancake greatly.

Even our Little Adventurer was impressed.  See the critical look?


We’ve also since made chocolate ones with Cadbury chunks…

And here’s how I made them….

Enjoy! (Not just on Pancake Day)

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