Super Simple Sweet Things (Autumn Bark)…

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It’s National Chocolate Week (or so I heard on Facebook)!  In its honour I decided to make some bark.  We all know how much I love bark. Peppermint, Jellybean, I love it all.  As I am trying to be healthier, I decided to make an Autumn kind of bark, or rather, a home made Fruit and Nut bar in reality because that’s all it is. Sort of.
After raiding half of a rather expensive supermarket near our home (you know, the second worst one on my husband’s list of acceptable places to shop for food) for most of their nuts, seeds and dried fruits, we compiled our ingredients…

We also used some plain Green & Black’s organic chocolate but wrapper was destroyed by a Baby Dragon who loves shredding things.  So that didn’t make it to the photo.

Whilst I started to get my nuts ready for toasting, I asked our Little Adventurer if he wanted to get some nuts into a tray too.


I’m not even going to think about how much chocolate we’d need to create Jensen’s.  Maybe he was making it for the Nation to celebrate all week.

Here’s what we did.  The first step we did twice as we burned the first set of course.  All in the name of science.

Et, voila!  Autumn Bark.  I can’t eat it and so we’ll have to wait until tonight when Dadda reports back (it’s in his lunchbox).  If you’ve got any recipes for bark you’d like to share, we’d love to try it!

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