Christmas Traditions…. The Chopping Of The Tree!

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As I’m such a whizz with technology, it took me until yesterday to finally locate the photos of our first ever Christmas tree chopping expedition, but here they are.  Three months late.  Let’s think of them as being early inspiration for next year.

Usually we buy a Norwegian Spruce from the local garden centre; last year it set us back £56.  This year (from a friend of Dadda’s at IBM), we heard about a tree farmer who grows Christmas trees every year!  A fresh tree that was going to be replaced with another seedling!  I could barely contain myself as we headed out on our expedition… Me and the boys, Clark Grisworld Dadda, Nanny and Grandad.

We took a saw with us (Dadda did, I set off with nothing) and some sensible shoes (again, Dadda did, I wore my Converse and got frozen feet).

We arrived at the farmer’s house and set off into his field.



See the smile on Dadda’s face below?  He’s just been told ANY tree, £15.  We’ll never shop anywhere else for our tree, ever again.

It didn’t take us long to find our tree!

There’s ALWAYS a stick.

Knowing my obsession with the biggest tree I can find, the ridiculous antics began as to whether this one would fit at home…  You’d think Dadda would be impressed as I was essentially just trying to get more bang for my buck (as my American friends say).


Tree located, the sawing started.  Our Little Adventurer and Baby Dragon took a little turn with the saw.  Before any child safety experts pop up on here, I teach DT to 30 seven and eight year olds at a time with hacksaws.  No child was harmed in the making of this memory.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s how it went down.  Part two isn’t incredibly flattering for me, but at least I’m making the effort ~ and please excuse the slight blasphemy in the first few seconds.

So, tree “TIMBERRRR”ed, (I think you’re supposed to say “felled”or something) Dadda collected him up, and we tramped our way across the field to pay.

Jensen checked the tree for Chip and Dale.  You just never know.

Hooray for Dadda!

After our tree was bagged and paid for, we headed for the exit.  Jensen managed to find himself a branch which he said was Mr. Willoughby’s Christmas Tree (the book we’d been reading at home). 

Family Photo… Take One
Family Photo…Take Two

Our Little Adventurer checked for traffic and we loaded up the car.


Mr. W’s tree went in, too.


I get asked about our traditions a lot ~ which are your favourite traditions?

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  1. I just love this tradition. I wish we had a place in South Florida where we could cut down our own tree. My favorite Christmas tradition is after we decorate the tree and the house is all decorated, we turn off all lights but leave the Christmas tree lights on. We also leave the lights on the garland that's on the mantel. We sit in the living room with wine or egg nog and a few yummy desserts and listen to Christmas music while staring at the tree. 😉

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