A Little Rant About Spreading Happy…

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This morning whilst Baby Dragon was napping and our Little Adventurer was playing with Noel, I was editing my long lost Christmas tree chopping photos when I came across a blog which basically said that they felt like
slapping parents that did this kind of thing (traditions on holidays), and who present overly cheerful views of their life on their blog.  I also get plenty of comments about having too much time on my hands (particularly when it comes to lunch photos) and it infuriates me.

So let me say it.  I don’t enjoy unwarranted criticism.  I have exactly the same amount of hours in the day as anyone else, and I
also have just as many miserable days as the normal person.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d rather read about fun things that happen in people’s lives than read someone’s passive aggressive ranting day in and day out.   Reading about other people’s adventures inspires me, lifts my spirits and makes me want to get out there and have more adventures with my littles myself, to enrich their lives.

Here’s my standpoint on it all. I have one life, my children have one childhood.  I waited a long time to be a parent.  So I’m going to have fun, going to go that extra mile to make magic for them, because smiles are infectious and the world could do with a lot more happy people in it.  I’m paying it forward to my children, spending my time how I think best.  If we all enjoyed our own life and our own choices instead of moaning about other people,looking over our shoulder to see what we’re competing with in the parenting world, we’d all be more content with ourselves.

I promise that I won’t come on here and criticise anyone for not painting sparkly monsters with their children this morning as they delightedly covered the huskies in paint whilst dressed as Spiderman and Superman, so please don’t criticise us for doing just that.  Unless, of course, you’re coming over to clean up.

Don’t like? Don’t look. It’s that simple.

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  1. What a nasty thing for someone to say. I completely agree with you. But in all honesty, I love every second with my children. I feel I was born to be a mum. I don't think that's ""an overly cheerful view of life"… To me, that is my life. I lived many years as a pessimist, but since realising life is way too short, I became the optimist and I genuinely worship every moment with my children. Even the difficult times. I think its important to cherish what you have. Well done for writing this post and ignore the jealous ignoranus who wrote the offending post. You be you and be proud. You sound like a great mumma. Xx

    1. Thanks Emma ~ I don't think the post was directed at me (my blog is too small to be noticed) but I just don't understand why people even bother to read things that will annoy them wilfully, and then decide to be mean about them when the person who wrote originally did so to spread happiness. I read things for enjoyment, my life is too short to read things to be spiteful about. You sound like a lovely mum too 🙂

  2. I'm with Emma, why would someone even bother complaining about something they don't need to read? There are blogs that are on the face of it negative, but necessarily so, and when you really read them you can pick out the positives. There are blogs which are light and airy and there are blogs about painting dogs wearing costumes. There's something out there for everyone, but there'll never be one thing for everyone… 😀

  3. It baffles me when people start complaining about what they read online. Do they not spot that little cross in the top right of their screen which allows them to exit a website that offends their sensibilities.

    1. It's probably hypocritical of me to say "don't read my if you don't like it" since I read the article that offended me in the first place. My point is that people who post about enjoyable things that they do generally aren't poking a stick at someone who isn't. I don't go looking for blogs that offend me, I have precious little spare time as it is~ and this was a blog I usually follow and enjoy.

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