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When I was little, there were two options for building what you wanted.  I’m pretty sure you can guess what the first one was, and there were also Stickle Bricks.  We had LOTS of them in our house.  Stickle Bricks appeared first in 1969 and disappeared from the market it seemed when Jens was born, but now there’s been a come-back – and this week we’ve been playing with them to see if they’re just as good as I remember, or if they’ve taken a dive like other ’80’s legends [shrinking Wagon Wheels, Dad and I are looking at you].

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We were sent a few boxes to try and Hero’s eyes lit up!  The target age range for Stickle Bricks is 18 months – 4 years old which means that Hero is their perfect demographic and he made sure everyone knew this.  So we handed them over to our tester for some fun.

stickel bricks

Stickle Bricks Little Builder

This set is the ideal start to a toddler’s collection. Combining a variety of different coloured and shaped bricks, children can stick, stack and construct!  The box comes with a little base as a lid too!

Stickle Bricks Fun Tub

This is the biggest box we have!  Full of around 70 assorted colourful bricks, this set is great value and perfect for young builders! Doubling as a handy storage container as it’s solid plastic, the set is perfect for Hero’s little hands and big imagination!  There’s also space inside to store more bricks than is in the collection which I love.  Storage is a winner in this house!

stickel bricks

Stickle Bricks Fire Engine

Captures toddler’s imaginations with its firefighter and bright red fire engine. Use the easy to assemble bricks and unique stickled lid to build a fire station.

Hero’s actually managed to build a Fire Engine with the help of his big brothers and some other dens for his little people to play in.

How easy Stickle Bricks are to put together – everything slots together without needing to line up or connect perfectly.  No frustrated little people here.

That they don’t hurt anywhere near as much as LEGO when you stand on them.  This is especially good if your little people have an adverse reaction to tidy up time before bed.

The tactileness [that’s not a word] of the pieces.  It’s hard to stop putting them together and pulling them apart one you start!

That two of the box lids we were sent are also bases, which is brilliant and means you don’t need to then go and buy a base.

That they really are a perfect first construction toy – there are no sharp edges, and success in building something is pretty much guaranteed unlike with LEGO.

stickel bricks

That they didn’t fall apart as easily.  It feels as though the little Stickle bits aren’t quite as long as they used to be.  This, of course, could be part of the Wagon Wheels Syndrome that Dad and I both have.

Our verdict?  We love them for a rainy afternoon like we’re having now.

Stickle Bricks are available at Argos and Amazon.

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