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*This post is a collaboration with ProjeX, the Projecting Game Arcade

It’s getting so dark now that by the time we’re all home from school – me included, now I’m back teaching again – it’s dark and other than when we all sit down under cosy blankets to watch a movie, the boys are getting pretty grumpy about it being so dark so fast. So, when we were offered ProjeX to try, I was delighted, because it’s perfect for this time of year – ProjeX is a game best played in the dark.!

What is ProjeX?

ProjeX is a basically a projecting game arcade – so no TV necessary! All you need is the Projex set and a blank wall. It’s brilliant. We had it set up within minutes – pop in the batteries, find a surface to set the Projex down onto, pop in the game card and switch it on. Each player takes a blaster and prepares to shoot at the targets appearing on the wall. When a target is shot with the laser blasters, the score appears on the console.

What’s inside the ProjeX Box?

Inside the box are instructions [hooray!] the ProjeX console, two ProjeX blaster guns attached to the console by wires [how retro] and three cards which contain the different targeting games – targets, aliens and the ones that stole our hearts – little ducks.

How to Play

So, ProjeX has different built-in games featuring targets, ducks, and UFOs to be shot. These are set around 3 skill levels which range from beginner to advanced and through to expert. You can play solo, head-to-head or even play as a team in co-op mode for a combined score. We played through every mode but enjoyed the ducks the most, as they were cute and we took great delight in hearing the ducks quacking as they appeared on the wall [and were subsequently splattered via laser, sorry ducks].

Each player has a colour which relates to their blaster – red or blue – and each time a target is shot, the score flashes on the console so that if you’re competing, you can see who is winning. And if you’re worried about your aim, don’t worry – the boys told me that there are target pointers on each of the blasters to assist you – and the laser shows up on the wall so that you can see where your aim is at any point in time. It’s simple to get started – turn the console on, and the targeting device will move around to project the targets onto the wall in front of you – all you have to do is shoot, and remember to cock your gun to reload. The boys LOVED this part. I think we did it every three shots, and Lyoto did it every shot just to be sure he had ammo in his laser blaster.

We’ve loved playing with ProjeX and it’s been perfect for after school fun. The boys love encouraging their Dad and I to join in- basically to see if they can beat us at it and it’s REALLY hard not to be competitive when there are flying targets and so if you’re playing with little ones, the co-op mode is probably best so that you can shoot and not feel guilty, hahaha. Projex is available for around £50 at the moment and for the amount of entertainment it’s provided so far, it’s well worth considering for Father Christmas this year.

Last Thoughts

Overall we loved playing with ProjeX. However, it was clear after a few games that despite hitting targets, not all of them were exploding and the boys were a little frustrated when this happened. At first I thought it was just a bit of sour grapes but after watching, it’s clear that it actually does happen, which is a shame, because it’s great fun to play otherwise.

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