IDO3D Ultra

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For as long as I can remember him mentioning Christmas, Hero has talked about asking the man in the big red suit for a 3D pen. He’s circled them in every catalogue he can find and so I was beyond thrilled when we were offered the IDO3D Ultra set to try out. I love toys that are creative, and encourage the boys to use their imagination. All of our boys love to make things with their hands and after watching about 200 YouTube videos with Puppy Dog Eyes, when the IDO3D box arrived, Hero snook past his brothers with it to “make some Christmas gifts for them” [he’s pretty crafty in more ways than one].

What’s in the IDO3D Box?

Pronounced I DO 3D, for those of you who are popping it on your Father Christmas lists, the IDO3D Ultra kit contains 4 3D pens in different colours to create with, a spotlight for drying your creations, stencils and a tracing sheet. A 3D Pen is a bit like a more artful hot glue gun and so much more fun.

What does the IDO3D Ultra Set do?

So there are four different coloured pens inside the set for making creations with – all you need besides the kit is a little bit of imagination if you’re freestyling! With the pens, you can draw onto the tracing sheets provided to create something flat – or pieces of a larger project like a little house for example – or you can draw up into the air, which is pretty amazing and exactly what Hero was hoping for.

Once you’re done squeezing the pens to make your creations, you’ll need to shine the spotlight onto your constructed piece to set it, and then you can connect up any different pieces you’ve made together to make your finished piece. It’s so much fun – although a little tricky at times for little hands to squeeeeeeze! Hero is 7 and loved it, but is saving his creations for showing closer to Christmas as he used his kit to make little Festive Gifts for us as promised – so you can see those on Instagram closer to Christmas because he’s keeping them a secret at the moment from his brothers who are nosey on social media!

Other IDO3D Pen Sets

We played with the four pen set, but there there are other larger and smaller kits available – our IDO3D Ultra set kept Hero busy for nearly two hours, and he loved it!

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