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This Tuesday we’ve been reviewing more toy sets from one of our very favourite brands, Brio.  The last time we were looking at the Brio Fire Station and Rescue Helicopter – and now we’re exploring the Brio World Family House playsets for 3-7 year olds; which is every one of my boys.

The boys have had all kinds of people living in the Brio houses so far – Batman and Friends, Lego people, the Paw Patrol – you name them, they’ve had a short tenancy in Brio World.  That’s one of our favourite things about Brio playsets – they’re just the right size for nearly every small figure that we have, and so they lend themselves to so many play scenarios.

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So whilst the Brio people are making sure that the PJ Masks team are signing the lease correctly, here’s what we thought of this new Brio playset…

There are so many pieces – over 40 when I tried to count them, in plastic and wood.  There’s even a ladder so that your little Brio people don’t have to fly up to the next level of the house. The doors are already in place and swing both ways which my boys absolutely loved – opening the doors to new friends brings on some amazing conversation about who can come into the house and why.brio world family home

That there are Brio characters to play with – more than two!  There are four characters between the two playsets – they’re fun to play with and best of all, the parts  This means no missing hands, hair or legs!

The playsets can be assembled in any way which you decide – after reading the instructions twice over and still being confused as to why the same piece was shown in two diagrams, I realised it was because ANY combination of house parts from either set is possible.  There are window walls [which are fantastic for allowing double sided play – not everyone has to be at the front of the table to join in and see what’s going on] and pillars, and little hands can dip in and out of every room, even a roof terrace!

The furniture!  Being boys, the first thing they spotted was the toilet – a TOY TOILET!  These are as rare as my 1980s Sindy House toilet these days.  Real life Brio is brilliant.

The quality never lets us down.  Brio is durable, and although there’s more plastic in this set than any other Brio toys we have, it’s excellent quality and solid.

How Brio toys actually have space in them for little hands to play.  I remember being so frustrated as a child with the sweetest little toys that I had with their houses – but I couldn’t get my toys to play in them as my hands were just too big – and playing with friends was impossible.

That I can take it all apart and store it with our other Brio easily.  It’s not huge and takes minutes to tidy away.

The detail – everything is kept simple but the floors are different colours and patterns, and bright and airy.

That it wasn’t as easy to come apart – moving the houses means that the bases come apart and although we love that this also means the smallest of us {Hero} can play and enjoy being able to put the houses together and apart, any knocks of the house mean the bases separate.

That between the two sets that there were two more floor bases.  This would make the set absolutely perfect.

Would we buy this?  Absolutely.  Brio lasts so well and adapts to so many play situations – we love it.  Thank you Brio.

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