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We were sent the Bakugan Battle Arena, Limited Edition Bakugan and Bakugan for the purposes of coverage but our opinions are genuine. This post also contains Amazon affiliate links.

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Bakugan. Remember the TV series? Well, we had not *just* Bakugan but LIMITED EDITION Bakugan and a Bakugan Battle Arena arrive this week and the pure joy on Jens’ face when he saw just how many Bakugan had arrived to join his growing Bakugan Army that Father Christmas had bought with him was a real picture. Bakugan and Jensen are like Lyoto and Roblox.

I remembered my sister having Bakugan when we were little but they weren’t my thing. I had no real idea what I was doing with this game and so bear with me. I’m talking simple Bakugan playing here, there’s a much more strategic and tactical game to be played I’m sure, so I apologise in advance. Homeschooling three and trying to learn Bakugan whilst being quiet in a teeny house whilst Gav is on conference calls is quite the mountain to climb. Before I forget, we have an extra set of Bakugan to give away – scroll down to enter!


This was amazingly easy to put together. It’s a hexagon and each side clips on to the other. Two opposing sides have three little circular holes in for placing your Bakugan and there are three markers for popping your Bakucards next to ready for play. The board simply slips underneath [unless I’m missing something] and so once you’ve set it up, it’s not easy to move without falling apart. That being said it’s easy to disassemble and it does store in its own box and so I’m happy.

The arena is around £25 and comes with an exclusive Hydorous Bakugan, who’s rather gold and sparkly,; it’s battling character card and two BakuCores which are the little hexagons, which correspond to Hydorous’ card symbols.

Getting ready for a Bakubrawl with bakugan
Getting ready for a Bakubrawl with Bakugan


I call them Bakugan, but apparently they’re called Bakuballs until they pop open in battle. The Bakuballs are the little balls which when their magnet is triggered, pop open to battle and show themselves as a creature. There are some really spectacular ones and variations of each Bakugan too. I’m fond of the Pegatrix ones as I can fold them back up – some of them are really tricky to do.

There are a variety of characters at different price points and different packs – we even have a HUGE one in our collection which is the size of a BASEBALL. He’s a gorilla and pretty spectacular.

Bakugan and Bakucore.  Remember, they're Bakuballs until they get triggered and transform!
Bakugan and Bakucore. Remember, they’re Bakuballs until they get triggered and transform!


Limited Edition Dragonoid and Dragonoid Ultra Bakugan Bakuballs
Limited Edition Dragonoid and Dragonoid Ultra Bakugan

Colour me happy – we were sent a Limited Edition set of TWIN Dragons – Dragonoid and Dragonoid Ultra. Neon red and with sparkly cards and Bakucores, they come in their own little box [which we’re now prohibited from touching] and look very spectacular. Looking at the sparkly cards took me right back to my childhood.


Okay, deep breath. Here’s the simple game for us parents who are staring at the board and the Bakugan whilst your children look hopefully up at you.

Game Set Up for Bakugan Battling Arena
Game Set Up for Bakugan Battling Arena
  1. Each player has their own BakuBalls lined up on their side of the board with their corresponding cards set as their deck. The BakuCores are placed on the board with their symbol showing.
  2. Each player picks up a Bakugan Card, then takes a BakuBall and rolls it towards one of the BakuCores on the board marked with one of the symbols which are shown on the card they’ve picked up.
  3. If your Bakugan pops open as it magnetically claims a Bakucore, but your opponent’s doesn’t pop open and transform, you’re the winner that round.
  4. If both of your Bakugan remain untransformed, no one wins that round.
  5. If BOTH of the Bakugan transform, each of you takes a look at the score shown on the Bakucore collected and adds it to the score on the card being played at the time. If you have the most points, you win that round.
  6. If you are the winner, your Bakugan gets to stay looking pretty pleased with itself in full creature mode. If you lose, your Bakugan has to return to being a humble Bakuball.
  7. To win, be the first to have three Bakugan transformed from BakuBall to Bakugan.

I hope that’s simple – and more importantly, I hope that’s the way it’s meant to be played because that’s how we did it.

Bakugan BakuCore Bakuballs Collectible toys TV Series
Good luck with your Bakugan Brawls!


Please note when entering that the characters vary and we can’t guarantee which ones will be in the pack.


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  1. I’ve see the tv series but I’ve never played the game. This is the sort of game my son would love to play!

  2. Yes, I have played with my eldest son when the first series was released and I have seen the series, my youngest now has an interest and has started to collect them.

  3. Not played or seen the TV show but I used to work on Toys in a Supermarket when these first came out and remember them being in awful packaging. I used to have to tidy them continually as you only needed to look at them and they would fall over lol.

  4. No I haven’t played it but my grandson wanted this for his birthday recently but it was sold out. I’m sure if he had it then we Will probably get to know more than we do now

  5. I haven’t played it but I watched a YouTube video about it the other week and it looks like fun!

  6. I’m feeling a bit weird because I have never heard of the game or the old TV series. It looks good, though.

  7. I have not played this before but it looks like the type of game that my grandsons would love to play!

  8. I havent played Bakugan before but of course I remember the TV show, it was one of Leo’s favourites!

  9. No I’ve never played this before or heard of the TV series, but it looks alot of fun. Thanks for the chance to win x

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