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So you might have noticed that there’s not been much happening on our blog since we began the Corona Virus lockdown in early March. We’ve done a few Instagram live sessions with My Little Piccolo and we’ve ran some competitions here and on Facebook and Twitter but honestly, I’ve wanted to hide whilst I tried to figure out which way was up. So honesty is the way I’m going with you all. Here’s a little catch up and a bit of truth about what you’re seeing on social media at the moment.

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First off, let me just say that I’ve taken insomnia to a whole new level. Last night I was awake until 4am and although if you normally suffer from this, it probably sounds like nothing, keep in mind that I’m normally snorking away in dreamland by midnight at the latest. And speaking of dreams, mine have been crazy and rambling one night – and then nothing the next. Sleep is not as welcoming as it used to be at all. That’s having a knock on effect which is most evident in the fact that it’s nearly 10 and I’m still in my dressing gown typing to you.

I can’t get no sleep…

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt 2020

Over Easter we managed to have fun with a rainbow hued Egg hunt for the boys [apparently according to the New Zealand PM, EB is a key worker] in our backyard – which is definitely the smallest and probably the least picturesque and Eastery place we’ve ever held it but the sun was shining and it was actually really sweet. The lumps and bumps and ripped out clumps of our husky torn garden hid and disguised the eggs to the boys’ delight and although Jensen saw me and Gav pinning the star garlands up in the middle of the night across the washing line [parent fail] they enjoyed rifling through their little plastic eggs and seeing who found what in the yard.

Easter Bake-Off

We decorated cupcakes and held a bake-off competition where Lyoto’s attitude rivalled that of Gordon Ramsay – and we posted those on Instagram and Facebook. But I want you to know that I, like many of you, are posting the fun things that we’re doing – and those things have been amazingly fun, buttttt….. I’m not posting the meltdowns or the days I have barely got out of my pyjamas, like last week when I felt like the worst parent ever, or the days I have.not.stopped.complaining. at the boys [forerunner to worst parent ever day].

The House is a Suffocating Wreck

Our home is a wreck. Well, slightly less of a wreck at the moment as we managed to tidy everywhere but the boys’ room – but there is stuff EVERYWHERE and most days I feel like I’m suffocating with mess. I swing from remembering that no one is actually going to see it for quite some time so I should relax, to feeling like a failure that I see spotless homes all over my Facebook feed.

Time Stands Still Before Me

Can you tell I watched Rocket Man for the first time last night? Haha. I also feel like I have no time at all whereas everyone seems to be talking about how their life has slowed down and they’re appreciating their family time even more and that’s lovely – but Gav works upstairs in the boys’ room on a camping table in the day and appears for lunch then disappears again and the whole day is spent refereeing boys and having less time alone than when they were newborns. Hero has cut his own hair in a rather Bruce Lee style and the trampoline has become a bouncy octagon with bi-minutely [is that a word?] screams from alternating boys as to which one hurt them, whether it was intentional and occasionally with a parade of stomping off up the stairs [them, not me].

Homeschooling Coming Up

Anyway, all I really wanted to say was we’re still here – it’s taken me longer than I thought to find my feet. Homeschooling posts coming up – we’re going to blog our journey to see if we can help some of you.

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  1. Awesome photos. These are great ideas to make kids busy and entertained. Hope this lock down will end but this is the time we can learn something new in our lives.

  2. Insomnia is debilitating; I usually end up getting up and trying to find quiet things to do.
    Squabbling over the trampoline sounds familiar and so does the dread of home schooling. Hang on in there!

  3. I don’t know if I’m coping or not? I’m loving being in my bungalow bubble as I call it, just me, hubby and daughter. I’m only going out for essential shopping which I hate. Its being out that bubble. I’m not sleeping properly either. It’s the same things going around my head, it may be that it’s the same routine everyday. I take a bit of time out by going in our large garden for fresh air, ot I put the music channel on for a bit of a boogie.

    1. I know exactly how you feel – I get so nervous going shopping now. People are definitely more cavalier sadly around here at the moment though. It’s as if they think it’s either not that bad, or they’ve done their time indoors.

  4. I have also been suffering with insomnia, awful thing. It doesn’t even matter how tired i am i just can’t seem to switch off.

  5. i usually struggle to sleep and it even worse now. i don’t feel we are alone in this , everyone’s finding it hard at the minute x

  6. Insommnia is a horrible thing but it seem tht lots of us are having trouble sleeping whilst all this uncertainty is going on!

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