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It’s Easter holiday time and the weather is so miserable that we’re indoors again today, but it’s okay as we’re being entertained by the quite hilarious Crocodile Dinner Game.  The boys opened this with glee as firstly we love crocs, but secondly, this is a really simple game for three players.

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Inside the Crocodile Dinner box are three plastic croc masks and foam fishes in the same colours, plus a goldfish coloured one.  The rules are that after shouting, “ready, set, go!” all of the fishes are thrown into the air and each croc must, on hands and knees in a croc-like manner, chomp about and collect his fishes up.  Once all of your colour fishes have been collected, you must be the first to chomp up the goldfish and then you’re Crocodile Dinner Champion.

Crocodile Dinner Game Crocodile Dinner Game

Crocodile Dinner game

This is the face of a happy croc with a full belly of fishes.

Crocodile Dinner Game

This is the face of a sad croc who did not win any fishes.

Crocodile Dinner Game Crocodile Dinner Game Crocodile Dinner Game

The hilarity of the game.  Making croc noises and scuttling around the floor whilst trying to sabotage each other’s chances was so funny.

The short game time – it’s over within about 5 minutes which is great and keeps even the shortest attention span.

The simplicity – and there’s no fighting as you only want your own coloured fishes [except the gold one]

The masks were a little easier to fit. Jensen had no issues but the rest of us ended up with cross-jawed crocs and hurting temples where the masks dug in, even with the little foam pads.  But for five minutes, we were all fine with them.

The box had a plastic front to stop the fishes popping out over and over again.  They will get lost if they aren’t secure in a box or bag so we’ve put ours in a ziplock inside the box.

This is a brilliant rainy day game and also leaves you with three dress-up masks.  The box stores everything although the fishes do pop out randomly, but we love it.  A hilarious game for three little boys.

Crocodile Dinner Game

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