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We’ve been given a set of three Discovery Dinosaur Jigsaws to give away – and a set to enable us to photograph them.

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So normally jigsaws are rainy day activities – but in a bid to distract from Fortnite, we unboxed some new ones this evening, sent to us from Bort Shopping in Devon, with a set of three to give away! We love dinosaurs like most households with children and jigsaws let everyone get involved so dinosaur jigsaws are always a win here!

Discovery Dinosaur Jigsaws

Discovery Dinosaur Jigsaws

Discovery Dinosaur Jigsaws are unusual and take more concentration than normal because they’re lenticular. Manufactured using prime lenses to make them look 3D and move a little if you tilt them or move your head. So, yes, lenticular. It’s one of the words I learned a few years ago and take great pleasure in using. If you don’t know what it means, now you have a minute of educating yourself and you can then try like me to use the word as often as possible. Haha.

So we have three jigsaws – a t-rex, triceratops and a set of two friendly raptors. We set out to make the t-rex first.

Any T-rex product causes a great deal of head shaking in our home but I’m pleased to say that these jigsaws passed the test with the mighty t-rex having just two dinosaur fingers. Correct. You have no idea how many books we read where t-rexes have three fingers. Who does that? Plenty of people in design it seems. Anyhow, these are genuine t-rex.

Triceratops and Velociraptors Jigsaws

Jigsaw Size

Each Discovery Dinosaur Jigsaw is made up of 150 pieces and out of the box each one measures 46 cm x 31 cm (18″ x 12″) but in the box they’re 20 cm x 20 cm x 5 cm. Sadly the box is a rip top opening but you can close them by tucking the flap in – plus the boxes are lenticular too and very cool according to Hero.

Where to buy your Discovery Dinosaur Jigsaws

If you’d rather not wait, you can buy your jigsaws here – there’s an offer at Borth Shopping!

Normal retail for each jigsaw is £10.99 plus delivery (£2.98) – but you can buy each one for £9.99 plus delivery, or all three together for with free delivery.

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  1. I love Velocepraptors as I think they were probably the most intelligent, and also cos my cats remind me of them lol!

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