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We’ve been sent some Schleich Dinosaurs to review but our opinions are our own. We want you to trust our reviews so if you have an opinion, get in touch! This review contains Amazon affiliates.

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We’ve reviewed quite a few Schleich toys, and this weekend when we were sorting out the toy boxes, we realised that our collection is pretty amazing. Every one we have still looks as good as new, despite what they go through. Our Schleich toys are mostly outdoor toys, because they’re durable and beautiful, and perfect for make-believe. They’re in the mud, and the water, and the trees and the gravel, kinetic sand and the good old grass. They last. The same can’t be said for my garden, which, although it’s never been beautiful since the day we bought our house, now has dinosaur-dedicated dirt spots and actual holes which have been dug by Lyoto for playing in.

Schleich Dinosaurs: Spinosaurus

The Spinosaurus – huge and dangerous, but a herbivore nonetheless.

So thanks to Schleich we learned quite a bit about this dino. He has a croc-like snout which endeared me to him first of all, and a kind of double spine-fin-thing. Anyhow, the Spinosaurus was one of the most dangerous dinosaurs alongside the legendary T-Rex. We’d never heard of one of these before but this dino was colossal – bigger than the T-Rex and the Giganotosaurus!

Spinosaurus gets into the gardening action.


So here’s something else you won’t know – or maybe you do and you’re an expert – but the Spinosaurus was apparently the first dinosaur that they discovered was able to swim! He doesn’t look like a swimmer – goes to show appearances can be deceiving. Haha. Can’t say I’d like to be in the river alongside him.

Schleich Dinosaurs: Therizinosaurus

Yes, I managed to take a photo of him from an angle that hid his most exciting asset. The claws of the Therizinosaurus.

This was a really popular dinosaur when he was unwrapped due to the CLAWS.


We nicknames him Krueger-saurus after Freddy Krueger of 1980’s horror film fame. Unsurprisingly, of all of the animals that ever roamed our planet, the Therizinosaurus probably had the longest claws of all…but they weren’t used for killing. This dino was a herbivore and used his claws for piercing bark, peeling it and grasping it. He was friend of the Kentrosaurus and Pentaceratops.


Schleich T-Rex eats the world’s largest cockroach.

Even though T-Rexes are probably the most well known dinosaurs of all, we learned a few things from Schleich. At around seven metres tall and thirteen metres long, we knew that he had ferocious teeth – what we didn’t know is that they had around 50 of them between 15-20cm in length, and each time T-Rex lost one, it would grow back within weeks. Can you imagine?

T-Rex Table Manners

Disgraceful T-Rex had a mouthful of fearsome teeth, all pointed, incisor like pearly whites – designed for ripping chunks of food. This tells is that T-Rex did not chew his foot properly and gulped it down. Adding to his awful table manners is the fact that apparently his front legs [ correctly designed by Schleich with the correct TWO claws per arm] were pretty useless as they were too short to meet his mouth. It’s more likely that he was a scavenger than a hunter, and a disgraceful dinner guest.

Herbivore vs. Carnivore in a Schleich Dinosaur Duel

Schleich Dinosaurs Dimensions

These are the biggest Schleich Dinosaurs yet, and they have working jaws too!

  • 29.40 x 9.50 x 11.10 cm (W x D x H) Spinosaurus
  • 7.68 x 5.31 x 7.68 inch (W x D x H) Therizinosaurus
  • 11 x 3.7 x 5.5 inch (W x D x H) T-Rex

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  1. Schleich is synonymous with quality. Our youngest loves dinosaurs and surprised us by naming several types of them recently. Nursery obviously has many dinosaur books and toys!

  2. Schelich toys are such good quality. I love that they are very realistic and anatomically correct, plus all the models seem to have character. Great toys for imaginative play.

  3. They look like really well detailed dinosaurs and outs good to know that they are hard-wearing and good quality.

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