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We were gifted this Geomag Confetti Set to review and one to give away but all opinions are our own. There are Amazon Affiliate Links in this post – if you buy something on Amazon, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

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Geomag Confetti 127 STEM construction toy
STEM play in the garden during the Coronavirus Pandemic

We’re in week two of our self isolation during the Covid-19 Pandemic and with three boys, Gav and I in our little house, we could not have been more grateful when a big box of Geomag Confetti was left on our doorstep, with a message that we have a set to give away too!

We’ve had Geomag sets before, but this one is out favourite – the Geomag Confetti set contains 61 spheres [or ball bearings to you and I], 60 light blue, orange, red and green rods, four blue square platforms and two purple pentagonal platforms to build with.

STEM play at home during Coronavirus pandemic
More Geomag construction – a lotus blossom!


The way Geomag works is simple – there are magnetic rods and metal spheres which you can join together to create structures and shapes.

Inside the pack is a helpful sheet with instructions on how to build different Geomag Confetti structures from simple to complex – this morning we built a bridge together! It felt quite sturdy after a bit of teamwork to get it lifted and in position, but things get a bit hairy sometimes when we’re trying to move a structure around.

So why would you want to win a set of Geomag? Well, if you’re at home right now as the Prime Minister requested, and trying to stay safe whilst also attempting to work AND trying to in some manner get a little bit of education into your children, this is your chance. With Geomag, whilst your children play, they’re STEM learning at the same time. Win-win! Also, despite the enormous box it stores in a very small space and you can add to your collection to build immense constructions. It’s the perfect rainy day toy. We have a few sets and they never get bored of them.

Model Four of the Geomag Confetti Construction Set – a pyramid! STEM play in the garden.

If you’d like to win a set, here’s how – there’s a post on Facebook where you can also tag a friend if you’d like!


Geomag Confetti Set 127 Pieces STEM learning Toys Construction
Geomag Confetti Set – 127 pieces of magnetic exploration!



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  1. Yes – my kids loved it but the sets were always frustratingly small, so more would always be appreciated

  2. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity. The Geomag sets look amazing for kids creativity.

  3. I haven’t played with Geomag before but I’m sure my grandchildren would benefit from playing it.

  4. No have not played Geomag before, it would really interest my granddaughter she loves construction and STEM toys

  5. we did, a good number of years ago when my eldest was small – would be good for my daughter to try them too xx

  6. I haven’t used Geomag before but I think this would Be great to use with my niece, a great way to learn through play!

  7. Yes, their toys are excellent and the children had numerous sets. It will soon be time to look again for the youngest.

  8. We’ve never played with geomag before, it wasn’t around when my kids were young. I think my granddaughter would enjoy playing with this.

  9. Geomag is cool and I’m sure it’s not new either. My brother had some when we were kids maybe 17 years ago and I remember I always used to play with them too

  10. My youngest son was given one years ago but most of it was missing & the magnets were tarnished. I think it must have been kept in someones shed or something. My Grandson now keeps looking at these sets & would love to build stuff with one.

  11. My son has a much smaller set but this looks fantastic and would be a great way to expnd it

  12. My daughter had a small set given as a birthday gift and played with it many times, over & over – it’s a really great engaging toy. A larger set would be brilliant!

  13. I don’t think my son has ever played with it before. It looks great though and I think he would love it.

  14. My daughters have played with Geomag at school and love it but we don’t yet have any at home. This confetti set looks amazing

  15. Haven’t played with GeoMag before but my daughter had a very basic Magformers kit which looks quite similar. Great toys!

  16. We have had a go but we don’t have any of the Geomag. We do have some of the Geomag cubes with the animals and fruit pictures they are great for little ones!

  17. Yes, I worked in a nursery where they had geomag for the older kids, it was always really popular.

  18. My older two used to have some geomag but we no longer have it as there was a big gap between them and number 3. I reckon she would like it too though – just turned 8 so a good age to make the most of it.

  19. I have not played it but have read and heard so much about it. Wonderful educational toys!! Yes please!! Perfect for my little ones!!

  20. I have not played with it ever but I really want to it looks amazing! I think I’d be bickering with my daughter to play with it befor her

  21. We have never played with them, but my son has been asking for one of these sets for some time. They are quite expensive though, so I told him it would have to be birthday or Christmas. This would be a lovely treat for him!

  22. We have a small Geomag set and my son and daughter both think it’s ace! So do I to be honest!

  23. My little boy would surely love this! Especially whilst there’s not much else to do but stay indoors haha!

  24. We used to own some Geomag when my son was younger but sadly it got lost in a house move! My Daughter would love to have a go at this though!

  25. My sons had something similar to Geomag when they were younger. They are 7 years older than my daughter and are teenagers now so we gave it away a while ago. It would be great for my daughter to try Geomag as it’s educational as well as being fun to use.

  26. Not with Geomag but a few years ago I bought a part set of something similar for 5p at a jumble sale. My grandchildren have had hours of fun with it.

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