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I was gifted products in return for coverage about National Feet Week. Forgotten Feet is a charity which I have chosen to support.

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Taking care of your feet is as important as taking care of your eyes.


National Feet Week. You know I love to celebrate – but I don’t usually celebrate “National” Weeks with the exception of those related to Keep Britain Breastfeeding. National Feet Week is my second exception though, and I’m really quite proud to be supporting it.

It’s from March 9th-15th and as the name suggests, its purpose is to encourage everyone to take their foot care more seriously, booking annual check ups and seeking help when needed.

National Feet Week
These are my essentials for our Disney World holiday this year

This year it’s the launch of National Feet Week, with a focus on laces! I had no idea that there were so many different ways to tie your laces for different foot issues! I was blown away. I’m learning them.


So this week is all about drawing attention to the importance of foot care. Now, feet are a funny subject. Some people love them, some people can’t even bear to think about them let alone look at them. I quite like my feet. They’re amazing in fact.

My feet have let me dance, and run, and play rugby, and walk through the pain when I was in labour. They’ve let me drive and skate, and peddle a bicycle. I love the feeling of the sand and sea on my feet, and the sensation I feel right through my body when I take off my shoes and walk barefoot on the grass. They connect me to the earth, and I love that.

How do I reward my feet? Abysmally.


I cram them into ridiculous shoes if I’m going out [which granted, isn’t often], I stub my toes against furniture and run on the gravel as I drag the rubbish outside if I think I’m going to be too late for the bin men. I torture them. I’m lucky enough to be able to do something about my feet though.

The only one thing I do for them, and this is nightly without fail, is to moisturise them. I have to go to sleep with moisturised feet, or I can’t sleep. So at least that’s something. But I’ve always been curious about foot products and yet too terrified to use the exfoliating products for fear I’ll ruin my feet – you know, the ones I continually batter without care.

This National Feet Week, I’m over the moon because finally I have products which have been recommended and are safe for me to use without fear. My feet are singing silently that they have a week of pampering coming up.

You can follow us on the Keep Up With The Jones Family Instagram and our Keep Up With The Jones Family Facebook pages during National Feet Week to see which products we’ve tried and recommended – and there’s a Twitter party on March 9th too. It’s going to be be fun!


National Feet Week is supporting an amazing charity, Forgotten Feet.

Having seen my Dad struggling with his feet throughout his Cancer treatments, I’ve seen how debilitating lack of foot care can be, especially when a health issue crops up and isn’t dealt with. Forgotten Feet was set up in my birth town of Worcester, and has over 60 clinics across the UK, helping homeless people to take care of their feet.


I feel so grateful – and truly I mean that, to have been gifted some amazing products to help my feet. A beautiful box arrived with a thank you parcel for taking part in a Twitter party this week – and in my parcel are the following products:


At first I thought these were normal insoles until I read the information – they’re a revolutionary custom foot orthotic, used for the treatment of lower limb injuries and for injury prevention, enhanced performance and improved comfort. I’m going to be trying these out on our Walt Disney World holiday because I tried them on for ten minutes earlier today and they were AMAZING.

Foot File

This looks like a HUGE nail file and currently the kids are trying to smack each other on the bottom with it.

Footner Exfoliating Socks – Barefoot Ready

I spend the majority of my time barefoot and my feet need love. These are coming to America too.

CCS Professional Foot Care Cream – The No.1 Foot Cream in Sweden

Suitable for diabetics and used by podiatrists – I love when I read that podiatrists use products, it makes me feel like I have the right stuff to sort myself out.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Foot Oil

Honestly, I’m caught on this product. I LOVE the smell, but it’s oil. I can’t get on with oil, but Gav can and so he’s swiped this one in the hopes that I’ll massage his feet now. haha.

Mavala Switzerland Hydro-Repairing Foot Care Cream and Refreshing Foot Gel

Anything that’s hydro relating to my feet is the best. I moisturise my feet with whatever I have at hand before I go to sleep, but it has to feel hydrating, and these really does the job. The gel is gorgeous.

Nailner 2 in 1 Formula

So the problem I have with my feet is a dodgy nail. It got smacked off in the garden, flipped completely up and off when we were moving the mud kitchen and I was wearing flip flops. I know, I know… Anyhow, the nail grew back but wasn’t attached to my nail bed. Gross. I visited my doctor who basically told me that there were bigger fish in the world to fry and so I’ve been living in pain and disgust at my foot since around 2011. I’m giving this a try with not a small amount of hope attached to it.

Dr. Anders Podiatrist Intensive Rescue Balm

My feet need rescuing. I can’t wait to use this.

I’m going to see a podiatrist! Actually tweeting with podiatrists online made me feel a whole lot better about seeking help. If I’m honest, I’ve put off going for fear they’ll be horrified. Apparently they enjoy helping people to have great feeling feet – who’d have thought?! Haha. Happy National Feet Week!

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  1. I keep tubes of hand cream and foot cream on my bedside table, and put them on my hands and feet last thing before I go to sleep. My husband always thought I was wasting my time, until he got a cracked heel, which was really painful. Now he puts on foot cream at night as well.

  2. A very interesting and thoughtful take on feet. I am one of those people who notices fingernails and toenails though I have no idea why. There is no reason why foot products should be the poor relation of hand products so lovely to read about footcare products.

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