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We were sent some Twisty Petz packs from Spinmaster for the purposes of this review.


Twisty Petz first came into our home last year as a little goody bag freebie from the BlogOn conference. It’s a tradition that as I get home so late from Manchester on that Sunday, I sort the goody bags out and when they wake up, it’s a treat for them to enjoy the little freebies I’ve bought home with me. I make sure that there are enough to be divided by the three of them and then they can take it in turns to pick which one they want until they’re all shared out.

That time, as I piled the little toy samples up and counted them out, I saw the Twisty Petz packet and honestly felt sorry for whichever one of the boys would end up with it, when there were other more well-known brands to pick from in the selection of toys I had for them.

Jensen, as it turns out, volunteered to have it [he’s also the one who ends up being the bad guy in dressing up games, or Owlette in PJ Masks games] – he’s a good egg and never seems to mind that his younger brothers always pick things first. Anyhow, after he’d opened it, he was very pleased with himself and fell completely in love with them – so much so that he asked Father Christmas for another one to go with his panda from the conference.

So, in case you’re new to Twisty Petz or you’ve seen them in the toy stores and not really had a clue what they are or why children like them, I’ll fill you in.

I love them. If I’d have had them in my classroom I’m sure sitting on the carpet would not have been an issue for the children who are like me and many of us grown ups who need to constantly be fiddling with something to listen and engage.

Twisty Petz are animal beads which can be worn as bracelets and necklaces [or rings, we discovered] but can be twisted into an animal shape to play with too. There are over 70 Twisty Petz to collect in total, all with their own little names and different finishes – there are pastel coloured ones, sparkly glittery ones, Twisty Petz with a metallic finish and some with a cracked china kind of look [which was my favourite] and you can buy them in single packs, packs of three, which contains a pet which is a surprise one, hidden from view, and sets of four babies too.

Anyhow, as I was saying – Jensen thought they were amazing, and spent so long untwisting and retwisting them as they morphed from animal to jewelry and back. They’re such a simple but brilliant concept and the boys have had so much fun with a completely tactile toy. I love that they have to think about where to twist to create the animal again.

These toys are sparkly, cheerful and rainbow coloured – my boys LOVE them, and if I hear one more person tell me they’re for girls I very well might scream. Just stop, people. Toys are for everyone. Colours are for everyone. Animals are for everyone. Grab a Twisty Petz pack and have some fun.

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