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We compensated for this Cry Pets Puppy Review

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This time last year we were snuggling up to Toffee the Pony from Emotion Pets and thinking that she was the most adorable toy pet we’d ever seen. Last week we were enjoying the unboxing of a new family toy pet member, Princess of the Present Pets. THIS week – we’re in tears. Literally. And not just because I love to say that [literally, not the being in tears bit].

When I was teeny, there was a plush dog which was super popular called Sad Sam. Sad Sam was EVERYTHING to me. His big eyes, his plushy ears – and I loved him completely. Nothing has ever been as adorable to me since. When we opened the Cry Pets parcel, there sat the modern day equivalent of Sad Sam [except grey like Honey Baby, Sad Sam’s friend], except this toy CRIES. Real watery little tears. Aww.


It’s really easy – there’s a squishy baby bottle in the box with your Cry Pets. Draw water [only use water] up into the baby bottle by immersing it in water, squeezing to push the air out and releasing it the let the water in. One squeeze does more than enough.

Feed Your Cry Pets

Tilt your Cry Pets back at about a 45 degree angle and pop the baby bottle into its mouth. When inserted, give it a squeeze it until the water fills up to half of the puppy’s eyeballs. You can easily check the water level inside the eyes by sitting the Cry Pet upright. Fill them up too much and they’re a bit leaky, poor Cry Pets.

How to Make Your Puppy Cry

Horrible, but true. Haha. To make the puppy cry, simply press the left paw until the tears flow out from the puppy’s eyes, and dab them gently with the little towel included. Lyoto has discovered if you press quite hard, you can squirt the tears out and see how far they can go.

Things to Note

Remember [as I always forget] to make sure the bottle is completely empty when you’ve finished, and that your puppy is too, because no one wants a mouldy bottle….or dog. Bleurgh.

Have siblings? You can squirt your Cry Pets tears at them.

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