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Not long ago we were having fun in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and playing with the Wonderful Wooden World of Peppa Pig toys. This week we’re adding to our plastic collection [which is quite impressive] with a Shopping Centre. It’s a lot of fun.

Peppa Pig Supermarket
Peppa’s Shopping Centre

The set includes Peppa and over 12 accessories for the Shopping Centre. Little shopping trolleys and contents blocks, counters, a plate of cookies, chairs and table and a checkout. Everything matches the aesthetic of the show and the backgrounds feature well known characters including Mr. Goat in the pizzeria from Peppa’s Italian Holiday episodes, and Mommy Pig even features in the bakery! Mr Potato is manning a store and so is Mommy Dog, which makes a lovely change from the usual characters we see.

Peppa Pig Supermarket Cookies shops

There are four shops in the centre – a restaurant, tea shop, bakery and grocery store.

Peppa Pig Supermarket
Front view of Peppa’s Shopping Centre


One of the fun features of Peppa’s Shopping Centre is the sound system. On the top of the supermarket, there’s a little microphone with three buttons which play sound effects and one acts as a store announcement. Hero wanted to know where Miss Rabbit was, because she surely should have come with the Shopping Centre set – after all, who else could yell into the microphone like her? Oh, wait. Hero can. Thanks to the built in microphone, he can yell “clean up in aisle seven” or “free food” [not sure he’s cut out for retail success] to his heart’s content. The sound doesn’t really project from ours sadly but it does make the ding dong announcement noise and that’s pretty fun.

Peppa Pig Supermarket Toy Smyths
There are four shops in Peppa’s Shopping Centre


Peppa Pig Supermarket Table
The table turns from pizza to dessert in Peppa’s Shopping Centre

One of the fun features of the set comes with Mr. Goat’s Pizzeria – there’s a little table and two chairs. The seats are bucket chairs and fit Peppa and friends perfectly without them falling off like previous chairs we’ve played with, and the tabletop revolves to show either the main meal of pizza or an ice cream dessert. The boys loved this.


Lifts are magical pieces in playsets. I remember my huge Sindy house having one and despite all of the sticking it did and no matter how I had to yank it up the side of the house, my Sindy never flew magically upstairs. It’s the same with this playset. No resident of Peppa Land [technically Paulton’s Park I’d say] shall avoid the lift. The Peppa’s Shopping Centre lift works by pushing it to the ground floor and clicking it into place. Once the character is in the lift, press the little button and up they go! We liked this feature a lot.

Peppa Pig Supermarket working lift
Peppa Pig Supermarket Checkout
Checking out and getting some cookies with Mommy Dog

You can buy the Shopping Centre at Smyths, or of course online at Amazon. If you’re interested in other Peppa Pig events or toys, check out our Peppa Posts here.

Peppa’s Shopping Centre Checkout

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