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Quite a while ago, we were gifted a little iBed tray.  The boys adored it because it meant hands free watching – and I loved it even more because it solved the problem of the “who holds the iPad” argument.

It was pretty cute in itself, engraved with “The Jones Boys” but then thanks to the mister, the boys found a more unique and brilliant use for it. The concentration on Lyoto’s face below says it all.

Three words for you. Stop. Motion. Lego.

They are obsessed.  Now they have a reliable tripod of sorts that safely holds their iPad and they are free to create little films for each other. It doesn’t scratch the iPad [or table], it’s simple to use and I’ve got to say that I love it even more now – it keeps them occupied completely and creatively!

Here’s their first stop motion – I’m a very proud mommy.

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