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I am behind in my TV viewing.  So far behind that I had no idea that there was a new character [or a few even] on the scene in PJ Masks.  The boys filled me in quickly when the PJ Masks Lights and Sounds Robot arrived in our house this week.  Apparently,  PJ Masks Robot is invented in the show by Romeo as part of a very clever plan of his to infiltrate the PJ Masks HQ.

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The PJ Masks are one of the boys’ very favourite shows, Hero loves them particularly and constantly reminds us that he has Super Gecko muscles.  Yotie is Cat Boy and Jensen is Owlette.  I’m Luna Girl, in case you’re wondering.

PJ Masks Lights and Sounds Robot ReviewRomeo’s plan was to make the super cute Robot in his Romeo HQ and have the three PJ Masks heroes take the little robot to the PJ Masks HQ.  Then he would infiltrate them, mwaahahahahah!   What he didn’t figure was that the little Robot might actually like Catboy, Gecko and Owlette and become a turncoat to his master Romeo, joining the PJ Masks’ side.

The PJ Masks Lights and Sounds Robot is very simple to use – a push of his head [which needs to be pressed straight down, without tilting which is sometimes tricky – will activate his little face expression lights, make him spin and talk and scoot across the floor.  His arms are poseable and he’s a chunky little character.

There are three little symbols on PJ Masks Robot’s body representing the three heroes, and his kindly face, which alternates each time his head is pressed makes Hero smile.

PJ Masks Lights and Sounds Robot Review

That he’s so cute!  His little face makes the boys smile when he lights up.

That the PJ Masks Lights and Sounds Robot looks exactly as he does in the show, just like the other toys.

He’s big enough to take part in role play when the boys dress as the characters.

That he spins and scoots, wondering which way he’s going to go next is fun for the boys.

He did a little more.  He’s cute, the boys love him but the novelty wore off fast, particularly when his head had to be pressed a few times to get it to activate.  We wish he had little compartments for storage, for example, which would justify the space he takes up in the bedroom.  Lovely, but with limited entertainment value.

The PJ Masks Lights and Sounds Robot costs £29.99 and is available in the Entertainer.

PJ Masks Lights and Sounds Robot Review

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