Parenting Done Right: 5 Things You Should Do To Keep Your Kids Happy.

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It goes without saying that a happy household has happy kids. They are the sunshine of the home, and they make things a little brighter for everyone, and as parents, we naturally want the best for them. Making them happy and ensuring that they thrive is one of the many things that parents often wonder how to achieve. Here are five things that can help you on your way to a harmonious household.

Spend Time Together

Staying close to your kids and spending time with them is essential for their growth. Feeling loved and appreciated, cared for and nurtured has a huge impact on your child’s mental health and sense of self-worth. If they feel loved, cared for, and valued by the important figures in their life, they will feel more positive about themselves. Many studies have already shown that children are less likely to be involved in risky behaviours later in life if their parents spend more time with them growing up. Showing them you love and support them can help them be emotionally and mentally strong. When you spend your time together, it will encourage communication, allowing them to be more comfortable when opening up to you about aspects of their lives they may be concerned about. You do not need to go on an expensive trip or eat out in fancy restaurants to do this. A simple time allotted for them daily – maybe after dinnertime – would help because it is important to them.

Appreciate Their Achievements and Efforts

Achievements, even if small, are hugely significant to children and should be recognised by parents. When you encourage them with their effort, it signals to them that they are valued. They will understand that what they are doing is appreciated. Your child will more likely keep trying and challenge hardships head-on. Resilience is a great skill for children to master.

One of the excellent ways to show your appreciation is of course by words of encouragement or praise. If they understand that their positive behaviour made other people happy, they are highly likely to repeat this. Doing this helps them build their self-esteem and self-worth. Occasionally you could reward them with toys that they have always wanted. Keep in mind that you must get a toy that is safe for them. Hence, try sites like, as they sell toys specially made for children only. Try to discover what your child would like or their current interests. Invest time in understanding your children, spend more time with them.

These are ways that will let you show your children that their moments of success are incredibly important and should be celebrated. It will also make them feel special, secure and confident as growing children.

Explain to Them the Concept of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is about letting go of negative feelings – like resentment toward other people. It is a choice that frees people from anger toward the person that hurt them. Teaching your child to forgive when others have hurt them can help them heal, bringing them peace in their lives and relationships with others.

You can explain the concept of forgiveness and how it takes so much strength and courage, and that it is different from reconciling. It may take time, but it is okay. If your children grasp the basic concept of this rather complicated notion, they will learn to release the burden of anger deep in their hearts and focus on enriching their lives with positive experiences and relationships instead. Managing their emotions and releasing negative feelings is important for children – unresolved trauma and anger can greatly affect their quality of life as they grow. Children who can learn to forgive are happier and freer.

Teach Them Self-Discipline

Self-discipline might sound scary and unyielding, but it is simply about teaching them responsible behaviour. Through learning boundaries, children become aware of the consequences and understand that in life, people take responsibility for their actions. Owning their behaviour and understanding that they have control of whether to make a good choice or not is empowering.

When self-discipline is established, they can feel more self-motivated and have a sense of control of their own life. It will help them create proper rational choices without getting too carried away with how they feel, which allows them to manage their impulsive behaviors. Also, teaching them self-discipline will help you trust them as they grow and have to make decisions for themselves. You can be at ease knowing that your child is a responsible child. As a parent, you can put your faith in them so that they make proper choices and that they will have a sense of freedom and independence, knowing that their parents trusts them.

Take Care of Your Happiness

Above all, you must also nurture your own happiness. You can not spread positivity to your household if you aren’t feeling positive yourself. Although you probably feel that the most important thing if your child’s happiness, you should not forget about yours too. Remember that you are a model to your children. They will mirror what they see. This is why, as a parent, your mood and feelings also matter. You are a person too, not just a parent! Take some time off and rest. Eat properly, rest, enjoy hobbies. Treat yourself how you would like your children to treat themselves as adults. Let them see what you are doing and their behaviour will follow.

This also applies to your relationship with your significant other. As mentioned, children sense when things aren’t quite right between grown ups very easily. If they see a good relationship between you two, the more confident they will feel in their home.

Final Thoughts

Being a parent can be a challenging responsibility, but seeing your child grow into a confident and happy person is one of the greatest rewards in life. Although it can be difficult at times, keep trying – seeing your children blossom is a huge motivation. Take it one step at a time – keeping your child happy is possible! Hopefully the steps in this article can guide you!

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