Peter Pan Drops The (Pixie Dust) Bomb: Ice Cream, Maows and Balloons….

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After the tour we decided to go back to the resort and change as that night we were returning for our first Mickey’s Not So Scary Hallowe’en party.  On the way we saw Marie…a “maow” as Lyoto calls them.

With their backs to Main Street USA, the sun was so bright and in their faces…which accounts for the crouching and squinting…but they loved Marie Maow.

We promised the boys that they could get a hat each when they got here, so Jensen started with the hat trying on the way out… One for Granny, he said.
Before leaving though, we had what was to become Lyoto’s Walt Disney World Food addiction… Ice cream from the Plaza.  Neither me or the mister had been to the Plaza ice cream parlour before on trips so this was a first (and soooo not our last) trip there for us too.  Jensen chose birthday cake ice cream, Lyoto had chocolate, I had mint chocolate chip, and Dadda had strawberry sorbet.  We settled on the ground outside to get messy.

Ice creams demolished (well, mine anyway), we headed back again down Main Street to the WDW bus stop back to our resort.  Time to get ready for Mickey’s Not So Scary Hallowe’en Party…

…but not before stopping to get a Princess balloon, you understand.

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