Disneyland Paris Parade: Stars on Parade

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Are you planning a trip to Disneyland Paris? Let us help! We’re adding to our blog constantly with tips and tricks to help you! If it’s Walt Disney World you’re thinking of visiting, our Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Disney Holiday is full of advice about things you might not know 🙂

Mickey Mouse Stars on Parade Disneyland Paris
Mickey, all dressed up in the Stars on Parade Disneyland Paris


Even though we all love going to Disney, we all love it for different reasons. For me, Disney is about Mickey Mouse, being in the Disney Bubble [including the looooovely resorts] and the Disney Food. For Gav, a trip to Disney isn’t a trip to Disney without the parades, like the Disneyland Paris Parade, Stars on Parade.

Pluto in Stars on Parade Disneyland Paris
Pluto in Stars on Parade Disneyland Paris

The last time we saw one was June 2018 for the Summer of Superheroes – it was the Stars on Parade event in the Magic Kingdom after lunch at the Agrabah Café. We sat on the sidewalk around the Castle forecourt for about an hour beforehand and it was HOT, hot, hot, but we knew we had to sit and wait there or we’d lose our spot and see nothing. That’s the only thing I wish was different in Disneyland Paris – the parade etiquette.


What time are the parades in Disneyland Paris? That’s an easy one – remember to collect your Park Information leaflet on the way into the park – it will have the up to date, daily information in it for you to be able to plan your day around showtimes and character meets.

Daisy Duck in her Stars on Parade Costume, Disneyland Paris
Daisy Duck in her Stars on Parade Costume, Disneyland Paris

Anyhow, the parade always makes me well up and endlessly be wiping away happy tears – so I try and focus on taking photographs to stop me sobbing like a baby. The only time I truly take my eye away from the lens is to watch my boys’ reaction to the Disney characters, and to see Mickey. Because if you know me, you know how much I love that Mouse. Here are some of the characters and the floats you can see in the celebration. Enjoy!


Wondering where to stand for the Disneyland Paris Parade? There are so many places and it depends where you are when the crowds start to build and get seated to wait. Everyone has a favourite spot! For these photographs, which were really easy to get, we sat on the right hand side of the castle forecourt as you face it, looking in the direction of Adventureland and had a brilliant time. It wasn’t too packed here and the crowd was probably around 4 people deep at most.


The Stars on Parade celebration lasts around 40 minutes – although it feels much shorter – time really does fly when you’re having fun and high-fiving your favourite characters in the parade.


As you can imagine, SO many characters – and everyone is craning their neck to see who’s coming around the corner – there are whispers and shouts, and excited squeals – and every float is amazing. The dancers, the colours – I think Stars on Parade is possibly my favourite I’ve seen in Disneyland Paris. Anyhow, officially there are EIGHT different universes represented. Here’s who we saw:

  • Mickey and Friends
  • Toy Story
  • Nemo and Friends
  • Jungle Book and Lion King
  • Princesses
  • Dragon Maleficent and the Prince
  • Frozen
  • Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, Wendy Hook and Smee
Cinderella and Prince Charming Cinderella wheeling her way past Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Stars on Parade
Cinderella wheeling her way past Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Stars on Parade


Cinderella was out on parade in the prettiest of coaches, complete with Prince Charming, and little friends Jaq and Gus Gus.

cinderella carriage disneyland paris happy prince charming
Cinderella’s Prince Charming merrily waving as they make their way past Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Stars on Parade
cinderella disneyland paris parade

The detail in the float design is imagineered beautifully – look at little Gus Gus on the back of Cinderella’s carriage!

gus gus cinderella mouse

We also saw Tiana from Princess and the Frog [my favourite Princess].

tiana princess and the frog parade
Tiana – almost there as she made her way down Main Street in Disneyland Paris

Then Disney bought the heat. Here next was Rapunzel with Flynn Rider. He was all about the smiles and less about the smolder, but the boys said they definitely still could see it in his eyes. Ha ha…

rapunzel and flynn disneyland paris carriage parade
The happiest of smolders from Flynn Rider with Rapunzel

Everytime I see Rapunzel I get hair envy. Look at those locks.

flynn and rapunzel tangled parade

Next out of the castle courtyard were Belle and Adam – we never usually see him, only the Beast, and it was so exciting! They were laughing all the way around the parade route but there was no sign of Lumiere or Cogsworth…or Gaston sadly.

beauty and the beast parade
Belle and Prince Adam on their way past Sleeping Beauty Castle in the Stars on Parade extravaganza, Disneyland Paris

Eric and Ariel were having a private party on their own float, dancing around and waving and having fun.

ariel and eric parade disneyland paris
Eric and Ariel, on top of their Disneyland Paris Float


So when we spotted that Anna and Elsa were on their way out in their Frozen parade vehicle, I got ready and quite literally stuck my camera to my face. It was there so long that Kristoff managed to sneak up, have some fun with the boys and peer into my camera lens cheekily before I spotted his eyeball staring back at me, whilst the boys giggled mercilessly at me. See below – I have photo of Elsa and am patiently hoping Anna will turn around, when in the next photo….

elsa disneyland paris parade
Oh, hello! Elsa and Anna make their way on a carriage in the Stars on Parade procession.

…Just before Kristoff’s eyeball pops into my camera lens! If that doesn’t teach me to put down the camera and stay in the moment, I don’t know what will.

kristoff disneyland paris parade
Shortly before Kristoff scares the life out of me and everyone is laughing…


Wendy and the Lost Boys
Wendy and the Lost boys dance down past the castle in Disneyland Paris.

There’s nothing like seeing Peter Pan in the parade if you’re our Jensen. He LOVES that guy. The float was incredible – SO high, and swinging. Peter was crowing and shouting and whooping at the lost boys below.

peter pan parade
Peter Pan, crowing away in the Stars on Parade performance in Disneyland Paris
peter pan disneyland paris parade
Guess who the lost boys are mocking?
Peter Pan Lost Boy on parade disneyland paris
The boys got to meet some of the dancers on the parade route including the Lost Boys!


You can’t really bring Peter Pan out without Captain Hook and friends – and while there was no sign of Tick Tock Croc, they did bring a little of Neverland scenery with them in the form of their Skull Rock float.

Captain hook parade disneyland paris
He’s a codfish for sure. Mr. Smee doesn’t even want to be near him on Skull Rock.


Woody is one of my favourite Disney characters ever – but the boys had been having so much fun with Buzz Lightyear whilst they were in Disneyland Paris that they were beyond excited to wave at him up in his rocketship float.

buzz disneyland paris parade
Buzz, sailing to infinity and beyond in the Disneyland Paris parade
toy story dancers
The Toy Story Rodeo Dancers on Parade
woody and slinky
Woody and Slinky made an appearance in the Disneyland Paris parade

I got to see Woody riding on a HUGE Slinky. That was impressive.


Prince sleeping beauty
Guess which Prince? Yes. THE Prince. This is his castle and he’s going to defend it.
dragon parade disneyland paris
The awesome Maleficent Dragon makes its way down through the parade route in Disneyland Paris
disneyland paris dragon parade
Rarrrrr….. Disneyland Paris Stars on Parade
prince and the dragon disneyland paris
Dragon Maleficent is pretty big and scary – and colourful and awesome.
dragon in smoke disneyland paris castle parade
Dragon Maleficent has a roar in Disneyland Paris


Nemo dancers
Finding Nemo dancers in Disneyland Paris Stars on Parade
nemo and dory disneyland paris
Marlin, Nemo and Dory in Disneyland Paris on parade
dory on disneyland paris parade
Dory – she’s still swimming in Disneyland Paris
disneyland paris nemo and dory parade
Awww….. Fishy friendship with Nemo cuddles
nemo turtle crush parade
Crush and Squirt made a turtley awesome appearance at Disneyland Paris
nemo pearl disneyland paris parade
Pearl pops out during the Stars on Parade
nemo merlin disneyland paris parade
Nemo swishes down the parade route in Disneyland Paris


jungle book disneyland paris parade
The King of the Swingers trots and dances along in Stars on Parade
disneyland paris jungle book dancers
My favourite costume of the whole Stars on Parade in Disneyland Paris
jungle book parade dancers
Lion King dancers on the parade, Disneyland Paris
lion king parade float
Simba and Zazu become the main event [sorry] on the parade route
timon lion king parade disneyland paris
Timon with some serious moves in Disneyland Paris
lion king dancers
The costuming is incredible for Stars on Parade.
lion king parade disneyland paris
I wish I was a parade dancer in Disneyland Paris
disneyland paris lion king dancers
The biggest banana in Disneyland Paris
Aladdin and Genie Parade disneyland paris
Finally Aladdin and the Genie bring the parade to the end in Disneyland Paris

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  1. The photos you’ve taken are very beautiful and capture both the action and the spirit of the parade. Something for us to think about next year. I’ve got a bit of a thing about Buzz Lightyear; it’s that chiselled jaw, I think!

  2. How very interesting. I have never taken the family to Disneyland Paris but would certainly take on board some of your hints. Thank you.

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