Summer Blog Challenge: Day #3: 15 Interesting Facts About Me…

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Wow, this was hard.  Interesting is something I never really thought about.  I’ve had to ask my husband and my sister for help with this one.  So here I am….

1.  I’m a Disney Bride!  I danced with Mickey and Donald at our wedding.  It was a fairytale (and the subject of my upcoming blog).   I’ve even ridden in Cinderella’s Carriage!


2.  I like to wrestle gators! Not really.  But I did enjoy it.  I love reptiles and on our honeymoon we got to spend the day as trainers at Gatorland.  Amazing.

3.  I used to own a Yemens Chameleon, Princess Key-Lime.  Can you see her, peeping out at you?  She was beautiful.

4.  When I have bad thoughts, I hum a tune.  I never realised this until about a year ago.  It’s probably the only revelation I have ever truly had about myself and I love that I realised it.

5.  I once broke my knuckles punching someone with my left hand.  It was on the rugby field and my housemates had to take me to the hospital in the middle of the night as my coach told me my hand was fine.  I even drove home.  When it was the size of a small ball, I got a little worried.

6.  I have two beautiful furkids, Casanova and Excalibur, Siberian Huskies who are 11 years old. Casanova has Spindle Cell Cancer, please pray for him.

7.  I have graduated three times gaining the letters LL.B (Hons) from my Law Degree, Pg. Dip [Law] from my commendation on passing the Legal Practice Course and PGCE from the Postrgraduate Certificate of Education on retraining to be a teacher.  Only the last one had no ceremony.

8.  I always wanted to be a WWF wrestler.  I was in love with Kerry Von Erich, The “Texas Tornado” and wanted to be just like the American wrestlers (except a little less manly). Eventually though, I got a little connection to my hero through Rev. Miller who married us.  Kerry, when alive, was one of his flock!

9.  In addition to English, I can speak French, and some German, Japanese (and read and write it) and Russian.

10.  I used to breed pet mice when I was a child to sell to the local pet shop.  This was when mice were a popular pet ~ they weren’t for frozen snake food, I promise! I even got onto the children’s TV show, “Who’s Next” to talk about it and managed to say the word constipated to the thousands watching.

11.  I had two wedding dresses, two wedding rings and I wore converse on our wedding day.

12.  I swam in the shark tank at EPCOT, Walt Disney World.

13.  I once sang for the Archbishop of Birmingham during mass at my High School.  My Mum was so proud when he wrote to thank me, too 🙂

14.  I passed the Regular Commissions Board as a British Army Officer and have also served in the Territorial Army.

15.  I used to play the bell lyre in the Scouts’ marching band.

16.  I used to play women’s rugby at University level.  I played as full back, then winger, then flanker until I found my home at tight head prop (number 3) in the scrum.  I loved every minute of it and still miss playing now.

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