Our Walt Disney Fairytale Wedding (Series): July 31st, August 1st

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Our Mickey’s Magical Express bus dropped us at Port Orleans French
Quarter, which is one of Disney’s moderate resorts(for one night only).
We checked in and went on our way, map in hand, to locate our room.


We took photos as soon as we arrived (read: before we destroyed the room unpacking).

rooms always feel so dark.  We did have a beautiful view from the
balcony though, which we managed to capture this time unlike during our
precious planning trip when our first Lumix lost focus completely (note: this new Lumix died in 2012 during Baby Dragon’s first cake smash. We now have a Nikon DS3200).


decided to stay at POFQ for the first night as it was a cheap place to
lay our heads and get changed for our meal that evening. We had
reservations at the California Grill because I thought Gavin would love
that…on top of the Contemporary with a fantastic view of the Magic
Kingdom eating sushi that we knew wouldn’t poison us!

hitch came when over an hour later, our luggage still hadn’t arrived
and Gavin was in shorts from the flight. I called POFQ reception and
they confirmed that the dress code was formal and no shorts at the
California Grill. My heart sank.

We eventually
decided to go for a walk and get some lunch in any case at Sassagoula
Floatworks, hoping our cases would turn up in time.  We stopped to
visit some reptilian friends on the way…

along, we saw our first Floridian lizard!  Free roaming reptiles.
Amazing.  Number 1,345,567 of why I would love to live in WDW. Or
Florida. I doubt I would get anything done other than sit and watch them
though, and name them all.


Finally we arrived at Sassagoula. I had a taco salad…soooo good.




The decor in Sassagoula Floatworks is fantastic.

wandered back to the room after lunch, feeling a little deflated that
we would in all probability end up eating in the hotel room that
evening. I could tell Gavin was upset so I tried to make light of
it…that was, until we opened the door to our room and found our cases
had arrived in time to save us!

After swiftly
showering, we ran for the bus and then caught the Monorail to the
Contemporary. Gavin LOVES the monorail…as you will see in our wedding

We made it!  This was the view.



Hello, Grand Floridian!


breathed deep.  The view was goose bump inducing from those windows.
It felt so magical, so unreal, and for the rest of the month I would
be spending time here with the people I loved the most (aside from my furkids at home).

we were seated quickly, and soon after spotted a multitude of people in
shorts and t-shirts, sandals and flip flops.  So much for the dress


As I noticed Pelligrino was on the menu (if you’re a die-hard Father of the Bride fan, you’ll remember Howard Weinstein…”Pelligrino, espresso, champagne…?”) and I couldn’t resist ordering some.  Gavin found it highly amusing.


seat right next to the “grill” allowed us to watch the chefs working
furiously whilst we tried to read the menu. We tried to guess which
plates were which from the menu descriptions whilst we waited for our


course, our first dish was sushi. We were so looking forward to this
because the only other sushi we have had was with my Japanese teacher
who came to our house and made it for us.  So, we ordered and waited…


and we were elated.  It was the best, most mouthwateringly good, melt-in-the-mouth sushi ever.

were tiny mountains wasabi-infused caviar scattered over it and we
literally hoovered the plate up.  I sat through dinner like the
Cheshire Cat.  I was in the California Grill!
ordered our entrees, still watching the chefs, holding hands and I was
in heaven. I think I had Mahi-Mahi and it was delicious fish.


Shortly after we couldn’t really decipher the dessert menu and after twenty minutes of watching the dessert chefs and playing “guess the dessert”, I ordered one with a peach tea shot.


After dinner was finished, we tried to use our camera timer to take a photo of us…

then our server came over and says that she only just realised we were
getting married. We had a little chocolate congratulations!


thanked her, paid and tipped, and then went to the terrace to watch the
fireworks….which were beautiful, breathtaking, but alarmingly stood
out on the terrace I suddenly got these awful chest pains.

didn’t want to alert Gavin for some reason, I just wanted to stand
completely still and see what happened to me. I have no idea why
because I’d like to think that if I really was about to have a heart
attack I would want to let Gavin know.  Heart attacks and strokes run in
my family and I was so aware that Gavin knew so I made light of it,
but I was really scared and walked cautiously back to the bus that
night. Those pains had made me freeze completely, unable to breath in.




the way home we rode the bus standing.  I was holding that little
chocolate sign in my paws and I was so sleepy I actually fell asleep
standing up, leaning on Gavin. Naturally, when we arrived back at POFQ,
the chocolate was melted suspiciously in my hands. I was covered.  We
snook back through POFQ lobby like naughty children to our room.

August 1st…

Boardwalk Resort day!

So sporting my new Victorias Secret Bride t-shirt (part of what Gavin called my freaky wedding wardrobe) we grabbed bagels at Sassagoula Floatworks (here began my addiction to cinnamon and raisin bagels with cream cheese).


Grabbing some apples on the way out (the shiny red kind that make me think of Snow White) we breezed through check and headed over to the Boardwalk via the Disney Transportation System…


Upon arrival Gavin waited with our cases whilst I checked in with the cheeriest, most lovely man ever.




explained my dilemma for the day, that we needed to get to the
Courthouse but we were homeless at the moment until 3pm. He was so
happy to help me, and told me I had found a friend in him as he booked
us into an upgrade only metres away from the lobby, and then handed me
an envelope “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 5TH AUGUST” on them (Just Married buttons, in case you’re wondering).
This man was Disney customer service personified, even waving at Gavin
and asking him where his diamante encrusted shirt was.  I hated to tell
the man that it was in his case, he just didn’t know it yet…

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