Looking Back: Our Walt Disney Fairytale Honeymoon (Part 3)

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Gav is still settling Jensen Indiana to bed and so I have a little time to get some more done on here.  Maybe I will finish this before our Little Seahorse comes along!

So, where was I? Oh, yes.  We headed for our meeting place and checked in.  Everyone made their way towards the Disney Cruise Line bus.  I had huge Emperor Butterflies flapping in my tummy as I had never been on a cruise before, let alone one with Mickey Mouse to his own private island!

We Try So Hard To Look Normal…

We headed for Port Canaveral and soon, after Disney Trivia from our coach driver, we saw something that looked like “home”…

Can You Guess What We Saw?

Then, all of a sudden, Gavin spots her… The MICKEY BOAT!  In the distance.  It was a truly captivating sight.  We were nearly there!

When we drove up, the clever dogs were checking things over to make sure we were safe.  I have the highest respect for these dogs ever since one of them smelled a banana I had had in my bag 10 hours earlier in another country at Homeland Security (and scared the life out of me, I thought I would be jailed).

We all got off the coach and headed for the terminal.  It was bright, light and breezy and no one seemed to really know what they were doing, but it didn’t matter to us.  We’d made it!

After checking in at the desk and getting our lanyards, we were directed towards those famous ears…. We were getting ready to embark! This was the moment we’d been waiting for; paradise was only footsteps away!

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