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This Back to School Buckets Craft shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBiasBack to School Bucket

So whether you were dreading it or getting ready to put the bunting out for today, it’s the last of the Summer holidays here in Hampshire.  Personally I’m in the former camp. I’m no fan of our education system for little people in England, [the system, not the teachers, I hasten to add, having been one of them myself] and this year I have two boys in different schools and Baby Beans is starting Pre-School, which, at 3 years old just seems plain ridiculous to me.  Socially I’m hoping he will love it though, for a couple of afternoons a week, which should give me a little time to get things done around the house and here on the blog!

Anyhow, every year I gather all of the back to school bits [which makes me sound like I’ve done it for years, when in truth this is the fourth year only, unless you could my teaching years when I myself was getting ready to go back to teach in class] and I just have them ready to be in the right places [pants and socks bags, pencil cases, lunch bags], and it’s all very boring.

My boys will have a case of bad tummy/hurting body/feeling sick the night before school starts if it’s anything like previous years, and so we decided to do something a little bit more fun with their school essentials to try and make their first day back a little more exciting than it usually feels.  Something to look forward to.  Last year we made back to school books, and this year I’ve collected all of the little bits and pieces that don’t cost a fortune but make them smile, and put them into a little bucket I already had in the house [don’t judge me].

Here’s what went into the bucket:

  • New Pants
  • New Socks
  • Lush “Fidget Spinner” Bath Bomb
  • Lush Rainbow Soap
  • Disney Chip Beauty and the Beast teacup from Primark
  • Coloured Pencils
  • Eraser and Disney Washi Tape
  • Snacks and Sweeties

Back to School Bucket

Nothing that I don’t normally buy, but bundled up together they make the boys super excited to get a little gift.  As our car is now in the scrapyard, I had to order from the Lush website which was super easy to do.  I remember the “olden” days when I’m sure these bath bombs only cost about £2…

Lush Fidget spinner bath bomb

Back to School Bucket Back to School Bucket Back to School Bucket Back to School Bucket

Anyhow, here are the photographs of our little back to school buckets – they loved them so much that Yotie thinks we should have buckets for everything now. Everything. Breakfast buckets, homework buckets, weekend buckets….

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