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We were sent these Juice products for the purposes of this review. All of our opinions are genuine – we want you to trust our reviews. If you think we missed something, please get in touch.

Juice charger and powerbank

I don’t know about you, but my phone battery never seems to last as long as I want it to – and it never charges as fast as I’d like either. When I’m on holiday or reviewing a day out, I’m always worried that I won’t be able to post to social media for a brand and capture the day at the same time.

Juice were lovely and sent me a charger and supercharge plug of theirs to try out. I’ve got quite a few power banks that I take places with me, and so usually I’d politely say that I already have enough of them, but Juice has an unusual claim – super fast charging. And when it comes to recharging my iphone, I have the need for speed. [Sorry]


The first product I was sent was blue, my favourite colour – and a portable charger, the Juice 2 Powerbank. It claims to charge the average smartphone from 0% to 50% in only fifty minutes, and contains 2 charges of said average smartphone. It has two USB ports which makes it extra handy if there are two of you, or two devices, and it has a lovely slightly rubbery, tactile feel to it. It’s also small and neat which means I can fit it into pockets and handbags wherever I go.

So far I’ve used the Juice 2 nine times and it’s brilliant – I did a double take at how fast it charged the first time I used it – it’s SO much faster and smaller than my other power banks, which makes it a winner for me.

If you’re after a charger that will last longer, there are Juice power banks which hold from 1-5 charges, aptly named Juice 1, Juice 2, 3, 4 and 5! I’ll be getting the 5 for our trip to Florida in November.


Juice Products are designed beautifully, and the Juice Super Fast Wall Charger just might be the best plug I’ve ever seen. Crafted with the same tactile rubbery accents, the plug delivers faster charging of multiple devices. I didn’t actually want to take the plug out of its packaging as it was possibly the cutest I’ve encountered – a metallic juice carton!

I had no idea that plugs could deliver different results – I thought a plug was a plug, but clearly not. The Super Fast Wall Charger has two ports on it, USB-A [the big port] and USB-C [the little port] to use simultaneously if needed. A charge of my phone from empty took half the time it normally does, which was a huge shocker for me. I’ve no idea how they do it, or what the technology is inside it that makes it work so fast, but it’s been a game changer for me, especially as the boys are fond of borrowing my phone, running it down and not telling me until around ten minutes before I’m due to leave – the super charge plug means I can get as much charge as possible in the little time I have left at home – and then I attach my phone to my power bank as I go. I’m now very precious about my plug and have to keep an eye on the boys whipping it upstairs to use as their iPad charger of choice…

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