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This post is a collaboration with Ravensburger

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The weather is changeable to say the least at the moment and whereas all the boys want to do is be out leaping about in the garden, sometimes it’s just too wet and they still, all of them without exception, enjoy a jigsaw, especially Ravesburger ones. I’ve lost count of the amount we have but there are some really loved ones in our collection dating back quite a few years.

This time we had a bit of a challenge, I don’t mind saying – THREE Avengers jigsaws in one box, each 49 pieces. For scale, that’s Hero’s teeny four year old hand in the photo. He was very proud of being able to join in with these.

The pieces are around 1 inch squared and brilliantly coloured – and made to the usual Ravensburger standard.

So, three jigsaws, three boys and I helped with each of them since they were quite tricky – but they were very proud of the end results! Everyone had a favourite Avenger in each jigsaw. If you’re worried about sorting the pieces out, that DID take some time, and I ended doing that part, but there’s a little sheet of each jigsaw in the pack to guide you in putting them together which makes it much easier after the initial sorting out!

If you’re after something to while away the time until End Game, this is the jigsaw for you! And whilst we’re on the subject – here’s a little video we saw this morning that gave us ALLLL the goosebumps whilst we were jigsawing!

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