Not Raining, Not Pouring….

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Owing to the rainy (and violently hailing) days we’ve experienced over the past few months, life here on the South coast hasn’t exactly been filled with fresh air and frolics in the countryside.  So this week, when the mister had a day off AND it wasn’t raining, we pulled our wellyboots on and hurried to our nearest forest for some much needed outdoor time.
It sounds so trite, but being outdoors is like therapy for me.  And at the moment, I need it.
We were there for just under three hours and it was amazing.  So quiet, so refreshing, and so relaxing.  It even rained but we didn’t care.  We hid in our fir tree den and played tree trunk percussion.
Before the storm, the littles jumped over rocks…
…Some gaps were bigger than others for tiny legs.
The big boys lazily hung around in woodland swings…
…before they bravely led their little brothers on treks across sky-high tree trunks…
They dangled their feet over the biggest, muddiest puddles they could find…

…and Momma even tried to get a clean faced photo of her boys.

…and she loves it.

Some of us soared to great heights…

…and some of us took tearful tumbles that were magically kissed away by Dadda.

We concentrated as we gathered resources…
…and we worked as a team to build our own fir-covered den…


“Go big or go home” is our motto.

When we got tired, we rode on wooden badgers named Dave.

But whilst we still had energy and the sun was shining, we discovered pyramids for boys to scurry around in…

…and wooden ants for pregnant mommas to relax on and put their feet up.

We love the forest.  I love the forest. It feels like home….

…the only difference is, you wear wellyboots instead of slippers.

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  1. Your photography is so absolutely beautiful Sara-Jayne! There really is nothing better than being in the great outdoors with your little ones. I love taking my boy to the woods too 🙂

  2. The photography is just beautiful. These look better than some I've paid a professional to take of our family. You'll treasure this moment forever!

  3. Cute kids and such great experiences for them Growing up and being able to enjoy nature is a beautiful thing. I myself love walking in my woods it's just been to muddy lately. It just starts drying up and then rain. Get a bit here on occasion in South Alabama.

  4. The pictures are really awesome. Your boys looks so cute. It sounds like a great family outing! Great to know that you had a lovely experience with the nature and your family as well with loads of fun.

  5. Oh my gosh, how fun is that! Your photography skills are amazing! I'm impressed with the clarity of the photos. Such a fun family outing, I'm glad it stopped raining for your adventure. 😀

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