The Adventures of Paddington Magazine

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This post is a collaboration with The Adventures of Paddington Magazine

The Adventures of Paddington Bear Magazine EYFS. Picture shows issue one with free Paddington Shopping set laid out on blue background. Paddington's brown case is in the photograph.

Hey, friends! This week we were sent the cutest magazine – or comic as I used to call them when I was little, from Paddington Bear. He’s decided to publish his adventures on a monthly basis with Redan Publishing and Hero was very excited. He loves both Paddington AND marmalade sandwiches. In our family, Paddington Bear is very important because when my parents got engaged, my dad bought my mom a two foot tall Paddington Bear, who was wearing a red pair of wellington boots. These boots have graced the feet of all of the children and grandchildren in our family. They’re an heirloom and I think Padding-ding, as I called him when I was little, would love that too.

So the magazine is just lovely. It’s bright, gender-neutral and what’s even better is that each isue will have a Paddington Bear branded gift! Issue one comes complete with a shopping set including a little bank card, pin machine, trolley, mini stand up Paddington and coins, and some milk, cereal and marmalade pretend pieces. Whenever the boys choose a comic or magazine at the newsagents, you can be sure they evaluate what’s “free” on the front first. Haha. Hero gave this little set a thumbs up and asked for marmalade toast whilst he was playing.

The Adventures of Paddington Bear Magazine EYFS. Photograph shows a boy with grey and pink rabbit ears wearing grey tacksuit bottoms and an aqua coloured Hey Duggee Cbeebies t-shirt for children in need 2020.  The boy is sat on artificial grass and holding an easter basket which contain the new Adventures of paddington magazine. He is smiling.

What’s Inside The Adventures of Paddington Issue One

The Adventures of Paddington Magazine also follow support the development of children’s abilities in the seven areas of learning as set out in the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage – that means that if you have a little one at pre-school, they’ll be able to enjoy the activities in the magazine and be able to attempt them confidently. So the magazine is like education for the 3-6 year olds in disguise – which is the best kind. Everyone learns better through play, even Einstein knew that. If you’re already panicking after reading the words statutory framework, don’t worry – inside there are prompts for parents and guidance to help your children too, and basically the EYFS is everything you do at home with your children on a daily basis anyhow without realising it [except maybe handwriting unless you have a really keen writer!].

The Adventures of Paddington Bear Magazine EYFS. Photograph shows a spread of the magazine featuring a dice throwing game to calculate the cost of shopping for the under sixes.  There are coloured dice and stickers to help with the activity.

On the back of the magazine there’s a poster of Paddington tipping his hat, and inside you can find all of these activities:

  • Paddington and the Pigeon Story
  • Finger Puppets Activity
  • Balloon Maze
  • Sticker Bingo
  • Number Line Work
  • Handwriting
  • Colouring in
  • Spot the Difference
  • True of False
  • Jigsaw Sticker Picture
  • Paddington and the Balloons Story
  • Dot to Dot
  • Paddington’s Postbag
  • Draw a Picture for Paddington
  • Pawprint Cookies recipe
  • Mystery Message
  • Paddington A-Z
  • Certificate of Fun
The Adventures of Paddington Bear Magazine EYFS. Photograph shows a two page spread featuring a balloon maze with paddington and his free shopping gift which comes with issue one.  Fun learning for children and early years foundation stage goals.

Each activity is different, fresh and full of fun. None of the pages lost Hero’s attention and he enjoyed finishing each one. The stickers always help as little hands get tired fast when it comes to writing – although we find it easy as grown ups to write things and sometimes get impatient when our children are learning to write, let me tell you that a few years into teaching children to write, I did a workshop where they used techniques to let teachers feel the way their children do learning to hold a pencil and write – and it was HARD. My writing was awful and not easy at all – so give them a break. haha. I wholeheartedly think children will love the Adventures of Paddington Magazine – it has something amazing on each page and we look forward to seeing what comes in the future!

Next issue there will be a tea party set! Marmalade sandwiches for everyone, Mr. Brown!

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