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I became a Tonka Tough Mother a few years ago, and we LOVE Tonka toys.  They’re practically indestructible and with a lifetime guarantee, they’re incredibly good value for money.  Our Tonka toys have lasted Winters outdoors and Summers by the sea, and they just never fail us.  This week we’ve been having fun with some Tonka Die Cast vehicles and putting them to the test at the old oak tree [where we found a frog burying himself, but that’s another story!

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If you love Tonka Die Cast toys as much as we do, the good news is that you can win a set at the end of this blog post! Just read to the bottom of the post to enter the competition to win a set of 3 Emergency Vehicles!

tonka tough die cast toys

We’ve been reviewing the following Tonka Die Cast toys!  Left to his own devices, Lyoto decided to create a catastrophe with his Tonka toys – anyone from the emergency services came into some kind of peril.

tonka tough die cast toys

Here are the details from Funrise:

Tonka Diecast Big Rigs £6.99 – The Tonka die cast big rigs Tonka tough rig can really haul! This rig is built to last with realistic detailing that looks just like an actual big rig!

Tonka Diecast Monster Trucks £6.99 – The Tonka Monster metal die-cast collection was built for the extreme! Your favorite urban, construction and emergency vehicles now sit atop massive, Monster wheels, perfect for crushing anything in their paths! 

Tonka Diecast Emergency Three pack – £11.99 Rush to the rescue with the Tonka Metal Die Cast Emergency 3 Pack! Rugged design, Tonka tough construction, and realistic detailing bring these emergency vehicles to life!


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  1. my nephew would love this however I am sure my son and partner would be secretly interested too- he might have to share!

  2. My little boy Peter loves emergency vehicles, we are lucky enough to live near to a fire station

  3. it’s a great prize, you cannot find such great quality toys on most toy shops, my son would have hours of fun playing with these fabulous Tonka toys.

  4. My Grandson. He loves his cars & trucks & is always running up & down the garden path with them.

  5. My youngest son – Oscar (9) would love these Tonka toys! He would add them to his collection of cars and play with them for hours! 🙂
    Thank you!

  6. My nephews Max and Finley would love these Tonka vehicles they play with my sons old Tonka vehicles, these would be a welcome addition to their toys xx

  7. my little man would go absolutely crazy for these! he is a fanatic when it comes to the emergency services… hes only 2 and already can tell the difference between the sirens… im 31 and i cant even tell! haha

  8. our 2 year old Leo would love these. He is mad about emergency vehicles. When we are out and about and he hears a siren he can tell me whether it’s a police car, ambulance or fire engine. I don;t have a clue which siren belongs to which vehicle but he’s always right!

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