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I’ve read so many other people’s amazing slimming journeys online and been utterly inspired by the spectacular transformations that have happened to them – yet I’ve been equally sure that I couldn’t be that person.

And so, for better or worse I’ll be as honest as possible on here about my weight loss and the path I’m heading down.  Yesterday it was weigh in night and after reading Twinderelmo’s post about Slimming World night rituals, I realised I also have my own.

Here’s the crazy.

I try not to eat after 4.30pm, or drink after 6.30pm.  I hop on the scales at around 7.40pm.  Last night I showered, cut my fingernails [every tiny bit helps!], defuzzed my legs and arms and even trimmed my fringe [bangs].  I tried to figure out which bra was heavier – underwired or sports bra, and chose a very floaty top to wear.

I realised that my hair [which reaches my waist] was now soaking wet and probably going to weigh more than I would like – but as I was quite sure I was heading for my first gain since joining the group, I decided it was better to at least look presentable in defeat.

I hadn’t had the best week – eaten more breakfast than I have in a long while, even resorting to pizza for dinner without any vegetables [speed] on one occasion.  I’d eaten gooey, melted chocolate on my pancakes one morning of the photography course I was running, and I felt bloated.  I contemplated not going and trying to be outstanding the next week because I’m so afraid of failing, but I gathered my books together and headed out to walk up the hill.

After just seven short weeks I feel like I have friends there – and I genuinely look forward to chatting with them.  I’m not judged at all based on my figure, and we’re all eager to hear how each other’s week has been.  Most of all though, I enjoy that I can sit quietly without speaking if I want to, and just listen.

Anyhow – the scales.  It’s like the queue for the passport office – but we’re more strict! I take off my boots, jewellery and empty my pockets – every little counts!  I braced myself, telling my consultant’s fiancé that I hadn’t had the best week – until he told me the result.  6.5lbs off!  No idea how it happened, compared to the week previous when I only lost 0.5lbs.

Maybe it’s the amount of vegetables I ate, or the water I drank – or the fact that I squeeze my muscles in my bottom with each step I take on the school run that’s reducing my body mass [my secret is out], but whatever it is, it’s working and I’m not obsessing about food any longer.

Today I’ve enjoyed wholemeal toast for breakfast, butternut squash and chorizo risotto with fresh tomatoes for lunch, and now I’m drinking a coconut latte, which is my treat for the day.  I’ve snacked on Snack a Jack rice cakes and I’ve no idea what’s for dinner – except that it will feature as many vegetables as possible.

My highlight for this week? Last night I felt pretty for the first time in a long time – and achieved my 1.5 stone award and Slimmer of the Month.  It was a good week – now, onwards and downwards.


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