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We were gifted the Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg products in return for coverage. All opinions are our own, honest and from the perspective of three little boys, a hardworking Mom and occasionally a Dad.

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Do you need £25 to spend on Zuru products at Smyths? You do? Well, you’re in the right place – and you have two choices! Read on!

Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg
Zuru Egg

This is the face of one happy boy who can’t quite believe his luck. Lyoto loves dinosaurs – we all love dinosaurs – but he fell in love with Zuru Smashers after one BlogOn conference when I bought some little eyeball ones home for him to try. His ship came this week in and we were sent the Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg, and lots and lots of little Zuru Smasher Eggs too from Smyths Toy Stores.

Zuru Smashers dinosaur eggs fossil


These are series 3 of the Smashers according to the packaging – and in each packet there are 6 eggs, and two little pre-smashed characters. To smash these eggs you do what everyone wants to do on occasion [like me this weekend over the state of the house] and smash something. Thrown them at the floor, the wall, wherever is safe for you to do it. The eggs come apart in four little pieces and despite the clever leaflet inside telling you who to reassemble the eggs, I just can’t do it. I’m going to keep trying.

Zuru Smashers smash eggs 100 to collect

Inside the packet of Zuru Eggs, there’s also a little fossil to excavate. This was the best fun – they came back into the house [I’ve learned and banish them outside with things like this now] covered in chalky dust and impressed with the cutest fossil I’ve ever seen. If I made fossil toys, these would be them.


Honestly – and I do like to be honest with my toy reviews because toys are more and more expensive these days and it’s so hard to know where to spend your money that won’t leave you and your children feeling immensely let down – if you’re looking for a collectible, these are my favourite as a mom. They’re beautifully made. Not just quick-moulded wodges [is that a word?!] of plastic with no discernible features and disgusting smells, these are where my money would go. There are different groups of Smashers and 100 different pre-historic Series 3 Smashers to collect, each with its own Smash-Point Value which the boys were explaining to me in between smashes.


Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg

Now, we used to get all excited by what could be inside the toys in big cases that make claims like “25 Surprises!” but now we’ve learned to be cautious because sadly more often than not, we’re left disappointed in what toy companies deem to be “amazing treats”. So when we got this egg, we were prepared for, well, not much to be honest. As a sceptical Mom I thought there would be a few bits and piece of paper and plastic that they’d smash and that would be it. After they opened the Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg, I had to check the price on Smyths because I genuinely was impressed. The egg retails at around £20 and it’s by far the best investment Father Christmas could make in Dinosaur products this year. Except for maybe the Zuru Dino who smashes the eggs, but we haven’t tried that yet.


Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg contents smash-o-saur

There are apparently 25 surprises but we didn’t count because we were blown away. However, after checking on the Smyths site, we can confirm that inside we did receive:

  • 1 Epic Dino Egg [which Jens actually did rebuild!]
  • 1 Dino Yolk Sac [this hold everything neatly inside and has a cute [dead – somehow that seems wrong but still adorable]
  • 1 Scratch Map
  • Fizzy Lava Bomb
  • Ice Age Putty
  • Dino Dirt
  • Glowing Slime
  • Fossil Rock
  • Fossil Rock Hammer/Axe
  • Six Zuru Dinosaur Smasher Eggs
  • Egg nest
  • Smash-O-Saur Bones [distributed inside various substances]
Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg contents scratch map

The little Official Scratch Map above [excuse the state of the table, it’s their ‘experiments’ table in the garden] was the first thing they opened which told them where to find all of the hidden bones of a mystery Smash-O-Saur as they scratched bits off, and which of the three exclusive Smash-O-Saurs they were going to be building.

To cut what would otherwise be a reaaaally long review shorter, the Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg kept our three boys busy for well over an hour and a half. I basically let them have at it in the garden with a bowl of water and some scissors to open the packets of each Dino substance, and they shrieked and whooped and “NO WAY!”-ed their Saturday afternoon away working together as a dino team. It was the most fun they’ve had in quite some time with a toy.

Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg contents smash-o-saur lava

So above are most of the components. I asked them to keep a little bit back so I could photograph them so these are their “samples”. In each substance there were Smash-O-Saur bones which needed to be excavated, cleaned and assembled into the cute little guy in the middle. If dinos were this cute when I was a kid, I’d have been more of an expert than Ross Geller by now. So anyway, there’s Dino Dirt, which is like cloud sand or whatever that soft stuff was; Glowing Slime, which was like jelly and much more pleasant than the normal snotty liquidy slime we get in products; Fossil Rock, which they decided to spoon water onto whilst they chipped away at it and declared it was definitely clay, and the one missing is LAVA. This is because it was EPIC. They poured water onto the fizzing lava block and an orange volcano erupted. It was fantastic – foam everywhere. So cool. They also enjoyed cleaning that off everywhere outside as it overflowed as they leapt about yelling LAVAAAAAAAA!


Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg smash-o-saur

So here he is, our adorable Smash-O-Saur. With working jaw, he’s impressive and around 30cm long. He did take a bit of putting together and his bones do fall apart a bit, and we’d have preferred something that clicks into place instead of squeezes in, but that’s a minor grumble. We love him. I think the boys said he was called Crazy Bones.


Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg keep up with the jones family review

Here’s our honest verdict.

The Smashers Series 3 Eggs – these average around £1 per egg. In terms of quality, they far surpass anything else on the market at the moment that rivals them. There’s a pack of 20 that you can buy at Smyths on sale at £17.99 which we’ve just bought for homework treats as we loved them so much. £1 a treat is a complete bargain for these.

The Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg – this, I’d happily buy for anyone. The entertainment value far outlasted anything at its’ price point that we’ve reviewed in this category, and from the gorgeous rebuildable case to the cleverly designed yolk sac inside housing all of the bones of the Smash-O-Saur, it’s brilliant. Just fantastic. I wish there were other coloured eggs because we’d buy three and the boys could keep their little dinos inside. Full marks for not leaving me feeling like I’ve been ripped off, knowing exactly what dino-lovers are into, and making a gorgeous product they can also display in their room.

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  1. The Epic smash egg! My son already has the trex smasher and loads of small eggs so the giant egg would be awesome!!

  2. TREASURE SLIME AND Collectables!!!! Id buy these!!! if i won the £25.. ive been looking for fun suprises to unopen for boys as my daughter is into LOL and my boys love it but they prefer more boyish toys like this lol cant get them LOL … x x allcrossed

  3. I’d spend the £25 on Forky from Toy Story 4 but if there was anything left over I would put towards a few of the smash eggs as i think my son would like those too.

  4. My children love these eggs, also Ryan’s World eggs so it would be something along those lines. Thank you.

  5. The Smashers Dino Smash Rex Playset – because ‘dino’ my nearest and dearest will be guaranteed a fun time playing with these little marvels! 🙂

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