C’EST LA VIE: lights by TENA

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Bum bounce. Bum bounce. BUMMMM BOUNCCCCCCCCE!

I hear these words at least seven or eight times an hour as Hero pleads with me to join him on the trampoline in the back garden.  Let’s forget that my body, post three huge baby boys, is hardly trampoline-ready, or that the neighbours can see me each time I grace the meshy, spring loaded octagon – because I can cope with both of those issues in return for the happiness on my baby boy’s face that his momma is playing bouncy with him.  

It’s the other issue…the one I quite literally have to take in my stride.  My poor bladder.  Or rather, its weakness.

Scientifically speaking, apparently one in three of us suffer post childbirth – although I don’t understand why they call it weakness, when my body has endured approximately 28+ months of babies squishing it about from the inside out.  The very fact it’s still in my body and functioning at all is a miracle, but still.  C’est la vie.  You know, like when your boys use the peonies you’ve lovingly grown as tractor soup in their mud kitchen.

And because it IS life, TENA have asked us to spread that message, over and over.  I’m done with being embarrassed.  I’ll trampoline, run, sneeze without fear [most times] because lights by TENA take away the potential for public humiliation on the trampoline.  The new lights by TENA products are five times drier [hooray!] and the feel fresh technology keeps me from feeling [or smelling] like I’m wearing a nappy thankfully.

Truthfully I’ve had plenty of Oooops moments – and times I’ve quite literally crossed my legs and prayed when coughing – but that’s okay.  It’s not as taboo as it used to be – because it shouldn’t be.  It’s normal.  My boys are growing up knowing what lights by TENA are for – as evidenced by my self-proclaimed superhero, TENA-Man, who answered the door to the postman in his full regalia that day.

lights by TENA want to bring this issue into the open, to normalise it – and you can help, by sharing your own Oooops moment on their Facebook page for the chance to win a £100 Debenhams voucher or a spa break for two!   It doesn’t have to relate to your poor, over worked under appreciated bladder – it can be anything at all that’s made you throw your arms in the air and surrender to life’s ridiculousness.  Just pop along to their page and comment on the relevant post – and don’t forget to request your own free sample.

Hurry over and show some support to all of us who’ve had more Oooops moments than we care to remember – the campaign is running now until July 6th!

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