Cuteitos Pizzaitos

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Cuteitos Pizzaitos plush toys.  Image shows three Cuteitos Pizzaitos on a wooden tabletop dusted with flour. There are pizza making tools on the table, tomatoes, cheese and basil.

Hey, friends! This week the boys have been having fun playing with the new Cuteitos Pizzaitos. Now try saying that a few times over and over. haha. If you haven’t met the Cuteitos yet, they’re animals wrapped up and hiding in food. Ordinarily I’d find this peculiar to say the least, but I was a San-X Nyanko Cat collector for years and so these are perfectly normal.

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So now the Cuteitos are back for series 5, and cheesier than ever – because they’re Pizzaitos! There are 12 new characters to collect, snuggled up in pizza wrap blankets!

Cheesy or extra, super cheesy Cuteitos Pizzaitos

Each Cuteito Pizzaito has a personality that’s cheesy, so cheesy, extra cheesy, or super cheesy – you can find this by checking a little pizza slice icon on your pet’s hip. It’s their “cheesy spot” There are four different pizza wraps for series five – your Cuteito Pizzaito could be cheese, pepperoni, spicy, or even Hawaiian [that’s the pizza with ham and pineapple that people either love or hate]!

Cuteitos Pizzaitos. Image shows three Cuteitos Pizzaitos in their wrappers on a white wooden background.

There are four different levels of Pizzaito to collect – and each one is hidden in their packaging so it’s always a surprise.

So who are the Cuteitos Pizzaitos?

Cuteitos Pizzaitos. Image shows three Cuteitos Pizzaito toys unwrapped on a white wooden background.

Super Rare Cuteitos Pizzaitos

3 Super Rare, super cheesy – Broccolito [Poodle], Meatballito [Bear] and Napolito [Cat]

Rare Cuteitos Pizzaitos

3 Rare and Extra Cheesy – Mozzito [Hedgehog], Cuddlito [Cow] and Pepperito [Puppy]

Common Cuteitos Pizzaitos

3 Common and Sooo Cheesy – Cheffito [Tiger], Olivito [Ladybird] and Barbecutito [Turkey]

3 Common and Cheesy – Crustito [Turtle], Basilito [Mouse], and Pinapplito [Narwhal]

Each Cuteito Pizzaito comes with a collector’s card which has all of the information about your new little buddy on it – they even have a birthday to celebrate! Enjoy collecting!

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