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Now the Autumn nights are making playing outside until bedtime a less appealing option, we’ve been crafting more indoors.  This month with Bostik Bloggers, we had a Hallowe’en theme.  We decided to make a little Trick or Treat sign to show our neighbours that we welcome Hallowe’en guests and have sweeties to hand out!

This was the simplest craft to make  for little fingers –  there are three steps.  Gather equipment, snip felt pieces, stick everything together.

You will need:

Scissors [I used dressmaking ones as they are easier to cut with]
Small paper plate
3 pipe cleaners
6 mini pom poms
black felt
orange felt
20″ ribbon

I snip my letters freehand but you can use a stencil or draw them beforehand.

Stick your pieces on in any order, but this is the order I chose:

Your final project is already dry thanks to the Glu-Dots, and ready to hang outside!  Happy Hallowe’en!

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