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kinetic rock

This week we’re reviewing more toys that we played with over half term.  I’m so sad the holidays are over and it’s back to school.  We had a really great time in the Midlands with my parents and the boys’ cousins, and now it’s all over and we’re back to normal.  Boo.  Lucky for Hero though, he’s been playing with the Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 loader.

So, basically if it’s squashy or squishy, Hero will love it.  The Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 loader from Spinmaster is around £16.99 and for your little ones aged 3 and up.  It’s easy to see why as the little bits of rock could be easily munched or popped up noses or in ears of little people who know no better.

Inside the box is a packet of gold Kinetic Rocks, and a little vehicle and man to assemble.  The little man comes with a lunchbox and a few accessories which the boys loved.  It took me about two minutes to assemble the man and the loader, and I was left with two interchangeable parts for the loader once I’d decided which one to pop on.  There’s a drill, a scoop and crusher which all clip on.

kinetic rock

kinetic rock

How easy it is even for little hands to change the loader’s tools.

That the Kinetic rock is so tactile.  We couldn’t stop squishing it into little piles.

The hands-on play that the boys enjoyed with this.  The little man has his lunch box and a few other accessories which really bought the set to life.  We loved burying the rock and lunchbox as treasure to be dug and drilled out!

How easy it was to clear up.  The little rock bits stick together and were really easy to get off the table [and floor].

That the little man was a little more robust – his arms and legs keep popping off during play and he has to go to for emergency surgery!

Would we buy this?  Yes absolutely!  The boys love anything they can be hands on with and this is a different from the Kinetic Sand that they love, and so much fun.  It kept them occupied for quite some time – and I know they love it, because they tidied it away carefully together!

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