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I’m back on the meal planning wagon.  I’ve climbed aboard again for two reasons.  One, I’m spending far too much money on what appears to be very little actual food, and secondly, I’m tired of asking people what they want me to order from the supermarket.

It’s usually Gav who does the cooking in the evenings and I’m the one who decides what we’re eating.  Today is grocery delivery day [since I can’t drive at the moment whilst I’m waiting for my MRI results] and naturally because I’m writing about the cost of shopping today, I’ve spent more than usual but at least I’ll seem like I’ve cut back next week 😉

Below is what I’ve planned for this week, and our shopping came in at £134.60, listed below.



Richmond 12 Skinless Pork Sausages 319g 1 £1.60
Cathedral City Mature Cheddar Cheese Twin Pack 2x350g 1 £5.00
Richmond 8 Thick Pork Sausages 454g 1 £1.50
ASDA Whole Milk 6pt 1 £1.48
ASDA Grower’s Selection Trimmed Spring Onions 125g 1 £0.75
ASDA Grower’s Selection Cucumber each 1 £0.55
ASDA Fresh Soured Cream 300ml 1 £1.15
Happy Monkey Strawberry & Banana Smoothie 4×180 1 £1.50
Happy Monkey Orange & Mango Smoothie 4×180 1 £1.50
Muller Corner Crunch Yogurts with Milk Chocolate Balls and Banana Chocolate Flakes 6x135g 1 £2.00
ASDA 10 Red Leicester Cheese Slices 250g 1 £1.90
ASDA 10 Mozzarella Cheese Slices 220g 1 £1.90
Happy Monkey Apple & Blackcurrant Smoothie 4×180 1 £1.50
ASDA Wafer Thin Cooked Ham Slices 200g 1 £1.25
ASDA Prawn Crackers 100g 1 £1.00
ASDA Butcher’s Selection Lean Beef Mince (Typically Less Than 5% Fat) 1kg 1 £6.19
ASDA Extra Special Baby Portobello Mushrooms 250g 2 £2.50
ASDA Butcher’s Selection Diced Chicken Breast 500g 1 £3.25
ASDA Butcher’s Selection Garlic & Herb Whole Chicken in a Bag 1.5kg 1 £5.00
ASDA Fresh & Flaky Half Salmon Side 500g 1 £7.00
a2 Fresh Whole Cows’ Milk 1l 1 £1.39

ASDA Grower’s Selection Loose Courgettes (order by number of courgettes or select kg) per kg 0.65kg £1.17

Products By Weight
ASDA Grower’s Selection Loose Gala Apple (order by number of apples or select kg) per kg 0.78kg £1.17
ASDA Extra Special Buttery Marabel Potatoes 2kg 1 £1.00

ASDA 2 Steam Bags Cauliflower Rice 400g 2 £2.00
Birds Eye 10 Original Potato Waffles 567g 1 £1.48
McCain Crispy French Fries 1.4kg 1 £2.60
ASDA Scratch Cook Chopped Garlic 150g 1 £1.25
ASDA Scratch Cook Sliced Red Onion 650g 1 £1.00
ASDA Scratch Cook Diced Onions 650g 1 £1.00
Birds Eye Chicken Popstars Southern Fried 150g 3 £4.50
Birds Eye 12 Chicken Dippers 220g 1 £1.50

Warburtons Toastie White Bread 800g 1 £1.05
ASDA Baker’s Selection Hot Cross Buns 6pk 2.0kg £0.50
ASDA Baker’s Selection White Burger Rolls 6pk 1.0kg £0.65
Mission Deli White & Wheat Mini Wraps 6pk 1 £0.75
ASDA Baker’s Selection Chocolate Chunk Muffins 4pk 1 £1.00
Hovis Wholemeal & Spelt Bread 750g 1 £1.50

Groceries, Health & Beauty and Household Items
Tyrrells Mature Cheddar & Chive Hand-Cooked English Crisps 150g 1 £1.85
Tyrrells Hand-Cooked English Crisps Veg Crisps 125g 2 £3.00
McCoy’s Thick Cut Meaty Crisps 6 Pack 6x27g 1 £1.50
ASDA Roasted & Salted Pistachios 200g 1 £2.44
Nescafe Cap Colombie Instant Coffee 100g 1 £4.49
Duck Limited Edition Fresh Discs Tropical Sunshine each 1 £2.00
Heinz Tomato Ketchup 700g 1 £2.00
Robinsons No Added Sugar Summer Fruits Squash 1l 1 £1.00
Dolmio Bolognese Pasta Sauce Original 750g 1 £1.50
Jacob’s Original Mini Cheddars 7x25g 1 £1.65
Tetley Original 160 Tea Bags 160pk 1 £3.00
ASDA Pickled Silverskin Onions 440g 1 £0.59
ASDA Party Nibbles Cheese Twists 125g 1 £0.68
ASDA Super Absorbent Sponge Wipes 4pk 1 £1.18
Melis Pickled Jalapeno Pepper Slices 720gr 1 £1.83
ASDA Pickled Baby Gherkins 340g 1 £0.90
Aero Bubbles Peppermint Chocolate Bag 113g 1 £1.00
Dolmio Lasagne Sauce White Cheesy 470g 1 £1.75
Oreo Double Stuff Biscuits 157g 2 £1.00
Carex Fun Strawberry Laces Hand Wash 250ml 1 £0.90
ASDA Smart Price Sponge Scourers 8pk 1 £0.40
ASDA Sesame Italian Breadsticks 125g 1 £0.75
ASDA Smart Price Jaffa Cakes 135g 1 £0.31
ASDA Little Angels Little Angels Organic Squeezy Fruit Pouch Apple & Strawberry 6m+ 120g 3 £1.65
ASDA Little Angels Organic Squeezy Fruit Apple & Pear Pouch 6m+ 120g 3 £1.65
Johnsons Gentle All Over Baby Wipes 56 Wipes 56pk 1 £0.85
Old El Paso Mexican Stand ‘N’ Stuff Crispy Chicken Soft Taco Kit 351g 1 £2.00
Carex Fun Edition Love Hearts Hand Wash 250ml 1 £0.90
Oreo Thins Chocolate Creme Sandwich Biscuit 96g 1 £1.08
ASDA Grower’s Selection Brown Onions 3pk 1 £0.50
Maltesers Chocolate Bag 93g 1 £1.00
The Happy Egg Co 10 Medium Free Range Eggs 10pk 1 £2.00
Old El Paso Mexican Stand ‘N’ Stuff Open Enchilada Kit 398g 1 £2.00
ASDA Farm Stores Mixed Peppers 3pk 2 £1.98

Pick and Pack
Carrier Bags
Multibuy Savings
– £0.00
– £5.59

Total £134.60

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  1. You’ve got some really lovely meals planned. I always find it fascinating to look through other people’s shopping trolleys. Did you use a plug-in to display what you bought? Thanks for linking up to The Meal Planning Linky, great to have you with us.

  2. Sounds like a delicious meal plan! I love ALL of those dinners, especially a roast chicken! I’m just creating my next few weeks meal plans and you’ve given me some inspiration so thanks! Thanks for linking up also!

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