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It’s picture perfect time!

Last week was hard going for us – back to school full time for one, home visits for the other and I’m just so tired!  Jensen has decided this morning [day 7 of back to school] that he doesn’t like school, the work is too boring, and he isn’t going.  Lyoto is full of beans and enjoying his introduction to school with a week of morning sessions.  His smile when he gets into the car in the morning to go to school is priceless – huge Cheshire cat grins for us.  He’s so happy to be a big boy at last.

We were looking back over our holiday photos last night that I’m still culling and editing [I took maybe about 2,000 or more] and wondering just where our summer holiday went.  For me, being back at the school gates is not fun, but I’ve got the upcoming Germany trip at the moment to keep my mind occupied, and a small nudist running about the living room to keep me from falling asleep with his no-nappy protests.

Also, I think I might subconsciously be keeping my Picture Perfect week of Instagram photos to a neat 9 so that this post works easily for me…

If you’re on Instagram and aren’t using the follow/unfollow method, which is such a ridiculous waste of time and results in me just blocking people from doing it again, I’d love to connect!  We are Keep Up With The Jones Family.

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