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This Nora Mattress review is sponsored by Wayfair.  We were sent the Nora Mattress in return for this review.

Nora Mattress Wayfair

We love working with Wayfair.  There’s nothing not to love about them.  As one of the world’s largest online retailers of home furnishings and décor, they’ve always got exactly what I need for our home and for a wide range of budgets, Fast delivery, excellent customer service – it’s so easy.  I can lose myself for hours on their site.

In fact, we got the boys’ bed from them a couple of years ago as our two biggest sleep better next to each other, and we bought a non-fancy plain spring mattress to go with it.  Over time [and many bouncing parties] it’s become quite uncomfortable and every time either Gav or I ends up sleeping on it as we’ve been ousted from our own bed somehow, we wake up and start talking about the fact we need a new one.  So, we were searching for a new mattress for this Summer when Wayfair suggested we try the Nora Mattress.  As it’s usually me at home accepting deliveries, I was a little worried but then I discovered Nora is delivered as a mattress in a box – and one I could get into the house by myself!

Nora Mattress Wayfair

So, gleefully, Nora [we still call her that] was ordered in a double size for us to try, and when she arrived the boys’ eyes lit up at the huge box that the UPS man and I hauled into the living room. I managed to roll the box over and over up the stairs and it wasn’t bad at all.  I was very proud of myself and felt like Mrs Incredible, and whilst Gav and I undid the plastic covering on the Mattress to allow it to inflate, the boys tried to hide the Nora box to keep it from hitting the recycling bin.

Nora Mattress Wayfair

The mattress inflated in a few seconds to a huge 25cm in depth.  It fits our [newly bought] double sheets brilliantly, and now the boys have a Super-Nora mattress apparently.  The Nora mattress is textured and beautiful – and naturally they all needed to try and do some acrobatics on it.

Nora Mattress Wayfair Nora Mattress Wayfair Nora Mattress Wayfair

The technical details of Nora tell us that there are four layers of foam to provide a fantastic balance of support and pressure relief. What this translates to is that it’s like lying on a big, squishy marshmallow that cradles you to sleep.  It’s so good that I’d actually swap my super million-pocket-sprung wonder mattress to sleep on it.  Nora promises the best quality sleep and delivers – there’s been no creeping out of their bed and into mine since they had their new mattress!  Due to the way the mattress is engineered, and the cooling cover, it’s brilliant as with the warm nights the boys’ body heat is regulated better and the bed surface is cooler to lie on.  Lyoto is always in search of somewhere cool to lie, and I’m the same.  It’s no fun lying on your bed feeling like you’re on a cookie sheet from the oven.

Nora Mattress Wayfair

As we have to wait to take the old mattress away, the new Nora mattress is settled on top of the old mattress at the moment and the boys feel like the Princess and the Pea – except I’ve told them that there are to be NO snacks on the new bed, and no drinks either.  This mattress is the best thing that could happen to their little bodies, and it’s already helping them to rest easier.  No complaints have been heard about the old hurty springs thanks to Nora.

If you’re interested in a new Nora mattress, there’s a zero risk 100 night trial available so if you don’t like your mattress, you can return it.  At the moment, there’s an introductory price of £359, which is 20% lower than the regular price of £449 for the double size that we have – and with free 2 day shipping!  It’s amazing value – when we bought our mattress in 2001, it cost WAY more – I wish I’d been able to buy one of these back then!  Storytime is far less painful now!

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  1. Sounds like a very comfortable mattress! Having a great mattress is so important when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. These photos are adorable!

  2. We are looking for new furniture for our home, and I will check out Wayfair as I need to purchase a mattress for myself and my son and this one sounds like the perfect fit for my family.

  3. Nothing like a good mattress. We slept on a really nice mattress while on vacation a few years back and came home and purchased one just like it. OMG! What a huge difference.

  4. Funny we were just talking about getting a new mattress. We like a hard mattress. Going to have to do some more research about this mattress but it sounds perfect for you.

  5. A Good Mattress = A Good Sleep, period. I’m sure you had a great experience, because it really looks incredibly snuggly! . . . and your kiddos pictures . . . priceless!

  6. Sounds heavenly! There’s nothing better than finding a good mattress for your or your kids! I think it’s something that’s essential in getting enough sleep during the evening. This one’s a must have!

  7. Definitely a good choice. Mattress is one of my important item in my room. I need to have a good sleep and have my body have a good rest after a busy day. I am sure your boys will love it. They’ll be enjoying it for sure! Loving the candid shots too!

  8. I love Wayfair too. It’s so nice to be able to shop from the comforts of home. We really need a new mattress, and I’ll have to check this out. We are doing some updated decor around the house as well, so I’ll have to catch up on shopping.

  9. Looks and sounds like a really comfy mattress and I like the 100 days offer that Nora is offering. I just love how cute and happy your boys look. Good luck to that mattress lol

  10. First, I love the pics of your boys jumping on the mattress. It looks so fun. We’re moving in a few weeks and I need to buy both of my son’s new beds. I will surely look into this company.

  11. I love the fun that the boys are having jumping on the mattress! I know it’s quite important having a good mattress – especially for growing bodies.

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