Valentine Sweets…. Better Late Than Never!

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This year we found something on Pinterest that was far too good to resist for Valentine’s day, and easy enough for us all to play a little part in making.  Best of all, it was using leftovers from Christmas. We all know how Dadda feels about using leftovers.  He was overjoyed.

It’s so simple.  Take your little candy canes, place them in a heart position on baking paper, then melt some white chocolate in the microwave (we did ours in a pyrex jug for one minute on 800w and stirred until all the lumps melted), then spoon it into the middle of the hearts.  We waited until the chocolate had cooleda little then sprinkled mini hearts on, and then left them in our super cold kitchen to set.  We added glitter about an hour later, and let them set completely before eating.

The combination of sticky mint and creamy chocolate is bliss. Perfect Valentine treats. They were so pretty though, it was hard for me to eat them.  Our Little Adventurer felt no such remorse though.


We also managed a small Valentine breakfast for Dadda. You know, because we love him.


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