A Frosty First For Our Little Adventurer!

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It was only a week or so ago that I was lamenting the loss of my first born’s babyhood, thinking I would close the chapter of his crammed to bursting baby book that covers “firsts” and continue to feel blue for all eternity…or something like that. I was sad, anyhow.

No more!  This week bought Spring sunshine, then throwback Winter snow, and on that same day, a new first for Our Little Adventurer…. Pony riding!

I can feel my proud Momma-hen feathers ruffling up even as I write this.

He rode a pony!  Or, if you ask him, he rode Norman. Norman is his favourite, his “best pony” as he calls him.  For just £3 he was able to sit on Norman and trot around the paddock on him.

It was BITTERLY cold.  Cold even for me, and I’ve played rugby in the snow, in Scotland, in Wales, plenty of times. I know cold.  This day was COLD, with big frozen capital letters.

Frozen to the hoss…


Despite his face being bitten by the wind and the snow, and his little bones shaking in desperate need of warmth, Our Little Adventurer still had a hidden pride smile for his Dadda and Baby Dragon.  His tiny frame bobbed up and down as Norman dutifully and carefully circled the paddock.

Even though I was taking photos, the tears were welling up inside me.  My baby, my boy….on a pony. His very first time.

We’re still in the game….those firsts aren’t over yet.

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