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As the Easter Bunny, Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy and the Irish Leprechauns all stopped sprinkling me with magic a (far too) long time ago, since 2010 I have sought solace in something else.  Sorry magical folk. You deserted me and I’ve replaced you with the Morning Reveal.
The Morning Reveal deserves its status as a proper noun in my vocabulary simply because there is nothing, can never and will never be anything, that comes even close in terms of an emotional sugar rush as a parent.  Other than giving birth.  Giving birth is like hitting the happy-high jackpot with your heart as the bullseye. (I told you before I was lame at sports analogies, but at least I’m trying.)

“So, what is a Morning Reveal?” I hear you cry.

In our home, it’s the thump-thump-thumping (Jensen is like Dumbo on the stairs) of tiny feet followed by the sharp intake of breath, and the clash of disbelief and hope in my boys’ little hearts that their eyes are not deceiving them.  As their little faces light up with happiness…that’s the magic of the Morning Reveal. Or, in layman’s terms, it’s when your child spots something special (that you’ve done for them) whilst they were away or asleep, that wasn’t there the night before, that is now, as if by magic.

Make-believe magic (in our house) doesn’t have to be big.  Or expensive, or professionally done, it just has to come from the heart.  For any occasion, because life is for getting happy.

As my boys are getting older, the Morning Reveals are like coffee for my soul.  Filling my morning cup of happy and spilling it over my patiently-downstairs-and-waiting feet, leaving them drowning in a puddle to rival any that Peppa Pig has ever seen.  Even the one that was left after the flood.

For this year’s EMR, E.B bought an inflatable log house, and baskets of chocolate with him.


He also bought his dirty paws.  Last year our Bunny had snowy white feet.  This time, on account of all the rain, his paws were chocolatey brown with mud.  He didn’t care it seems (probably after seeing all of the other paw prints left by the huskies throughout the course of the day) and hippity hopped his candy trafficking self over the living room floor to set his surprises up for the boys.


Dadda LOVES the Easter Bunny’s paw prints…


There’s no place that can’t be “garlandised”…

In the baskets were chocolate and candy, and bunny ears too…


…and after about twenty minutes of waiting, our Little Adventurer awoke and realised no one else was there.  Downstairs he thundered tip toed, and rewarded the “Easter Bunny” with a sleepy, heart melting, smile.

When we were all awake, we walked a metre in E.B’s shoes….



…and began to explore the new house that had been left especially for Easter!


Baby Dragon enjoyed the chocolate so much.  Let’s just say he didn’t need any direction on how to unwrap an egg. Or all the eggs.





The Easter Bunny was loved and hugged and thanked over and over.

Ears were even VOLUNTARILY worn in celebration of the day the Bunny came…



Sweet Bunny….

…and as the sleepy dust faded, the Easter shenanigans began.




Half an hour later, Baby Dragon had a mini-meltdown when he found his arm was stuck underneath the basket handle, and didn’t realise he could just put the basket down.



Across the living room, in the event that he needed to make a swift getaway, Our Little Adventurer loaded up the Noel mobile ready to go.


It soon became time for a little husky shaming.  They love it really. Honestly.




Granny sent a parcel for the boys too…

…and when Jensen found it contained a Gruffalo…


Sadly Gruffalo was broken in the pack, but we made an Easter Gruffalo-Bunny instead and he lived on merrily.

“You’ll look good, in..my BELLY!”

There was a chocolate cow for Baby Dragon, who enjoyed a game of peek-a-boo.


Baby Dragon got a new pop up book from the “Boony” (Bunny). Brother LOVES his books.


Easter was easy going.  We just relaxed, and had fun.

We enjoyed Mickey’s Easter party on television…


…and munched on Dadda Reese’s chocolates.  He ate a whole bucket and was delighted when we had even more in the cupboard.  Naughty (clever) Dadda. Jensens do not like peanut butter chocolates.


They do like Nerds though, it seems.

This Easter will be remembered mainly for the sheer amount of chocolate consumed…and the most beautiful love between two little boys who are slowly learning to become brothers.

Happy, chocolate-fueled Easter… We’re already looking forward to next year!

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